Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Decorations

This year Chancho and I went out for a Christmas Lights excursion. We really only got to see two beautiful homes because they were so far apart, but these were the pictures that I got.

A home in Queens, NY

A home in Bronx, NY
 This house was ridiculous. It's a Hollywood theme so there are manikins dressed up for a dinner party, along with every other decoration available from Santa to Snoopy. They were playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It" when we were viewing the house, which I thought was odd. The whole house was odd, including the fact that it is painted bright pink. But it was still awesome regardless of the weirdness.

Here's my tree! (Don't mind the spooky eyes, it's just Foxy)

Foxy checking out her first Xmas Tree

Completely decorated - Red and Silver theme this year

Garland across the mantel. And Foxy creeping in again.

Garland going up the staircase
There is also garland with lights on the front door, along with wreaths, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of those yet. Busy busy busy...only a few more days until Christmas! I still have yet to finish all of my shopping. Perhaps by Monday or Tuesday it will be done. Chancho is going away this weekend so I'll have some extra free time. 

Quote of the Day: "He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." - Roy L. Smith
Listening to:  "Silent Night" by Mariah Carey

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The Spirit

I've been waiting patiently to hear back from the new job (PCS) and still my phone is silent. I've called twice and left messages. Still nothing. Perhaps they're busy with the holidays themselves. Maybe they're waiting for the new year. Whatever the case, it's driving me nuts! I can't make plans without knowing if they're going to call and need me to work. I'm in limbo right now. And I HATE limbo.
TG and I decorated the house the other night finally. The tree is up along with the garland and nativity scenes. I didn't do every single decoration this year, just out of pure laziness, but the house looks good. I'll upload pictures later. I am currently babysitting Buster. He is sick with a cold and possibly an ear infection. He keeps smacking at his ears. I definitely have a soft spot for sick babies because all I've been doing is cuddling and reading to him. I even rocked him to sleep today for his nap.
But what has really got me in the spirit is that my best friend Jean from childhood has reappeared into my life. She was isolated from friends and family for a good 2 years because of the guy she was dating. Everyone was really worried about her for a while and we were hoping that she would open her eyes to see the horrible life that was surrounding her. Unfortunately, it took a traumatic event to do that. But none the less she is out of that life and back with her friends and family. We've hung out twice and have tons of plans to do things together. She is currently seeing her childhood sweetheart and is in the happiest time of her life. Which ultimately makes me happy for her. They're talking marriage, they went ring shopping and have even discussed buying a place together. So of course, being the girl that I am, I'm wrapped up in the idea of being married too. Chancho and I have talked a lot about it in the past and even now. He's even mentioned taking a stroll through a jewelery store to "browse". But Chancho has also been my reality check. He brings me back down from cloud 9 and shows me realistically where we are. However, it doesn't hurt to dream about that dream wedding. I mean it is the season to be merry!

Quote of the day: "Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves." ~Eric Sevareid

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Running On Empty

Wow, I have been MIA for a while now. My bad. I have been very busy from my grandmother's 85th birthday to training for my new job. I guess I'll just start typing it out for ya.

Way back in November, my father's side of the family had a great family gathering to celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday party. Everyone was able to make it which is such a rare occurrence. We were able to watch a slide show of old pictures. The actual slides in a slide machine, if you understand what I'm saying. It was crazy to see how much my brother looks exactly like my dad and how my cousin looks exactly like my grandfather. I loved being around everyone and just being able to relax. And little did I know how much I would miss that.

Thanksgiving snuck up on me the following week. My brother and his wife came, along with my sister and her husband. They each brought their kids dogs. So we had 3 dogs running around the house. We also celebrated my 23rd birthday. Chancho was able to come after work to be there for cake and a few presents.

My actual birthday was on the 30th and it also happened to be the day that they were lighting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree so I had a gathering of friends over at Chancho's place to celebrate and watch it get lit. I had a great time with all of my friends. I love when we can all get together in one place. Especially, since we never all get to be in the same place at once.

Then this past week has been hectic. I started my training at my new job. I had to pass a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention class before being hired. I was stressin out beyond belief. It was a four day class, the fourth day being the test day. We had to go over a 100 page book and learn restraint techniques. It really took a toll on not just my mind, but my body. I feel like I'm 90. I was cramming in my studies and trying to practice my "take downs" all week. But alas, I passed! I am officially hired and can start work as soon as they give me my schedule. I still have to call, but no one is in on the weekends.

I also was able to attend Chancho's Christmas party this year. Last year I was so nervous and this year, I was just "whatever" I had too much going on in my life that I couldn't mind what was going on at the party. I did meet a ton of people that I couldn't tell you who or what their names were, but they were all "cool" or "great" guys. I also met the guys that are going on a mini getaway with Chancho next weekend for a football game. I was able to warn the one guy that Chancho snores like a freight train and to watch out. We had to leave early because my test was the next day, but it was still a good time. I'm looking forward to next years party.

My family and I picked out our Christmas tree! It's still out on the front porch, but hopefully this week it will be put up. I can't wait to decorate. I just need to find the time. I finished my extended family shopping today. I'll do another post about those gifts. Now, I have to find a day to buy for everyone in my family.

I think I've gotten everything out. I still have a few busy weeks ahead of me so I'll see if I can keep up with this. I've missed reading and blogging.

Us at the Precinct Party
Quote of the Day: "Don't spend your time lookin' around for something you want that can't be found." –Baloo (The Jungle Book)
Listening to: "Christmas Tree" by Lady Gaga