Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home on the Range

It has been a crazy last couple of days. We bought our house! We bought one that is a lot closer and a lot smaller than the original one that I had posted about. This house has a lot more potential and is the right size for us right now. It is just us and no kids. For now. It is situated a block away from a lake and is in a rural area. We like to think of this as a vacation. It is ridiculously quiet here. We can hear the water flowing from the lake, birds chirping and gun shots from hunting game, not people.
We closed on Friday and that night we got a uhaul, packed up our life and moved into our beautiful house. Our friend Zack helped us out tremendously. Without him we probably wouldn't had finished by Friday night like we did. Plus he was great for helping Chancho with the heavy stuff. My weak girl arms were of little help.
But we are all moved in, with a few boxes left to unpack. Which are of my clothes. Chancho took up the entire dresser and half the closet with his clothes. So until we figure out if we're buying another dresser or if he's donating clothes i'm living out of boxes and suitcases. I never knew his uniform could take up so much damn space! He has been working doubles the past 3 days so make up for all the money we spent on closing costs and just stuff we needed to move in. We are pretty broke at this point. We still haven't set up our internet and cable yet. (Blogging from my phone)
It's driving me crazy not to have anything.
But i'm extremely happy to be in our new home and being able to come home to my finance at night. It's one of the best feelings in the world. I'll post pictures once we get internet.

Quote of the Day: "Have patience with all things, but most of all with yourself." ~ St. Francis de Sales

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soaring Eagle Campground

We took our yearly camping trip already this year. Spent four days in the wilderness without any contact with the outside world. I loved every minute of it.
Saturday we ditched Chancho's coworkers wedding to head out for camping early. I felt bad, but camping is so much more fun than sitting at a table making small talk. TG met us at the church and followed us to the campground. Once we found the sign that pointed us in the direction of the campground we started our journey of picture taking.

We had to cross over some train tracks.

Then we found a bridge to cross over. Going from NY to PA

It was a beautiful view of the Delaware River.

This sign says "Swim at your own risk. Strong current and water is 12 ft deep under the bridge."

The man said we would have to drive through a creek. He wasn't kidding.

Our campsite was perfect for us. We were able to fit the 3 tents and have room for 4 more. It was up on a hill overlooking the rest of the campground. It was like we were in our own world.  TG, Chancho and I were in one tent. Chancho's sister and her boyfriend were in another. Chancho's sister's best friend was in one with her boyfriend. It was very nice to have the tent to ourselves after everyone left. ;)

 Hanging up a hammock.
 Delaware River - Absolutely beautiful. We went tubing down the river Sunday. There was a total of 7 of us. Chancho's sister, her boyfriend, her best friend and her boyfriend joined us as well. So we grabbed rope and tied our tubes together so we wouldn't get lost from one another. His sister wound up falling into the river head first at one point trying to paddle faster. I wish I had a picture of it. I need to get a water proof camera.

Monday we went for a hike. It was just Chancho's sister and her boyfriend with us. The rest left Sunday afternoon after tubing. The man at the office suggested this hike. Said the 20 minute drive was worth it. He was right. The views were spectacular. 

On the way back down the mountain we stumbled upon this little snake. 

Then as we were driving back to the campground a hawk flew right in front of us and landed on the tree on the side of the road. 
We left this morning to head back to civilization. It was time. I was getting freaked out by the way the towns people were looking at us and I couldn't handle not having a store open past 6pm. I need access to stuff at all hours. I love 24hr stores. The town was cute and half a block long. It had a flea market on one end. Chancho insisted we stop there, so we did. He bought his grandmother a doll. She loved it. On the way back to the campground, which was a 10 minute drive I was staring out the window hoping to spot some wild animal when I spotted a person laying in a ditch along side the road. I pointed out the window and told Chancho, that was a person we just passed. He didn't believe me so I made him turn around. We back tracked and slowly drove by where I swore I saw a person. Sure enough there was a man laying in the ditch. Chancho asked if he was alive. I kept thinking, I wasn't going out there to check and I didn't want Chancho to go out and check so Chancho beeped the horn. The man raised his head up, I said he was alive and we went along our way. I guess that was the country version of a homeless man. Instead of laying on a sidewalk he was laying in a ditch.
As far as wild animal sightings, we saw fish, an eel, a skunk that ran sacked our garbage, a cat, a family of deer, a black bear, a snake, a hawk, and a bunny. Not too bad for a weekend in the woods. Before we got to the turn off to the campground we were speeding along the back roads when a deer jumped across the road. Chancho had to slam on his brakes to not hit it. One of the camping chairs came flying up from the back and smashed my arm. I have a good sized bruise, but I was happy that was all that happened.

Now I'm ready for a long shower and some packing. We got our mortgage approved and we have a tentative closing date set for next week. This is really happening now. I'm glad we got that mini vacation in while we had the time and money.

Quote of the Day: "When you learn to accept instead of expect, you’ll have fewer disappointments". -Robert Fisher

Friday, June 17, 2011

One Tequila Two Tequila Floor!

My 21st birthday was great. I was drinking the night before and in a bar before midnight celebrating with friends and family. I am the youngest in my family so it was a big deal for us all to share a legal drink together in a public place. I can oddly remember the night pretty well, with the help of photographs. It was a week long celebration because my birthday falls during the week of Thanksgiving so I was home for the holiday and when I went back to school I celebrated some more. I'm not sure I made it to many of my classes that week.
Anyways, yesterday was my little cousins 21st birthday. She is the youngest in the entire family. Turning 21 is huge as we're a drinking kind of family, but aren't most? I'd like to think so. Her family is throwing her a birthday party tomorrow, but because Chancho and I don't communicate all that well we double booked. His event won because he RSVPed a while before we knew of this party. Which reminds me, I need to find an outfit. We're going to his Ex-Sergeant's? old Sergeant's? His Sergeant before this Sergeant's wedding.
I'm super bummed about not making this party so I'm going to visit her tonight for dinner. I finished getting the gift together this morning: 6 wine glasses from Crate & Barrel. A wine saver pump and cork screw from the Container Store.

She's all set to go to drink her wine!  Too bad I'm awful at picking out good wine. Any suggestions??

Quote of the Day: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." ~Author Unknown
Listening to: "Red Red Wine" by Bob Marley