Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Decorations

This year Chancho and I went out for a Christmas Lights excursion. We really only got to see two beautiful homes because they were so far apart, but these were the pictures that I got.

A home in Queens, NY

A home in Bronx, NY
 This house was ridiculous. It's a Hollywood theme so there are manikins dressed up for a dinner party, along with every other decoration available from Santa to Snoopy. They were playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It" when we were viewing the house, which I thought was odd. The whole house was odd, including the fact that it is painted bright pink. But it was still awesome regardless of the weirdness.

Here's my tree! (Don't mind the spooky eyes, it's just Foxy)

Foxy checking out her first Xmas Tree

Completely decorated - Red and Silver theme this year

Garland across the mantel. And Foxy creeping in again.

Garland going up the staircase
There is also garland with lights on the front door, along with wreaths, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture of those yet. Busy busy busy...only a few more days until Christmas! I still have yet to finish all of my shopping. Perhaps by Monday or Tuesday it will be done. Chancho is going away this weekend so I'll have some extra free time. 

Quote of the Day: "He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree." - Roy L. Smith
Listening to:  "Silent Night" by Mariah Carey

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The Spirit

I've been waiting patiently to hear back from the new job (PCS) and still my phone is silent. I've called twice and left messages. Still nothing. Perhaps they're busy with the holidays themselves. Maybe they're waiting for the new year. Whatever the case, it's driving me nuts! I can't make plans without knowing if they're going to call and need me to work. I'm in limbo right now. And I HATE limbo.
TG and I decorated the house the other night finally. The tree is up along with the garland and nativity scenes. I didn't do every single decoration this year, just out of pure laziness, but the house looks good. I'll upload pictures later. I am currently babysitting Buster. He is sick with a cold and possibly an ear infection. He keeps smacking at his ears. I definitely have a soft spot for sick babies because all I've been doing is cuddling and reading to him. I even rocked him to sleep today for his nap.
But what has really got me in the spirit is that my best friend Jean from childhood has reappeared into my life. She was isolated from friends and family for a good 2 years because of the guy she was dating. Everyone was really worried about her for a while and we were hoping that she would open her eyes to see the horrible life that was surrounding her. Unfortunately, it took a traumatic event to do that. But none the less she is out of that life and back with her friends and family. We've hung out twice and have tons of plans to do things together. She is currently seeing her childhood sweetheart and is in the happiest time of her life. Which ultimately makes me happy for her. They're talking marriage, they went ring shopping and have even discussed buying a place together. So of course, being the girl that I am, I'm wrapped up in the idea of being married too. Chancho and I have talked a lot about it in the past and even now. He's even mentioned taking a stroll through a jewelery store to "browse". But Chancho has also been my reality check. He brings me back down from cloud 9 and shows me realistically where we are. However, it doesn't hurt to dream about that dream wedding. I mean it is the season to be merry!

Quote of the day: "Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves." ~Eric Sevareid

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Running On Empty

Wow, I have been MIA for a while now. My bad. I have been very busy from my grandmother's 85th birthday to training for my new job. I guess I'll just start typing it out for ya.

Way back in November, my father's side of the family had a great family gathering to celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday party. Everyone was able to make it which is such a rare occurrence. We were able to watch a slide show of old pictures. The actual slides in a slide machine, if you understand what I'm saying. It was crazy to see how much my brother looks exactly like my dad and how my cousin looks exactly like my grandfather. I loved being around everyone and just being able to relax. And little did I know how much I would miss that.

Thanksgiving snuck up on me the following week. My brother and his wife came, along with my sister and her husband. They each brought their kids dogs. So we had 3 dogs running around the house. We also celebrated my 23rd birthday. Chancho was able to come after work to be there for cake and a few presents.

My actual birthday was on the 30th and it also happened to be the day that they were lighting the Rockefeller Christmas Tree so I had a gathering of friends over at Chancho's place to celebrate and watch it get lit. I had a great time with all of my friends. I love when we can all get together in one place. Especially, since we never all get to be in the same place at once.

Then this past week has been hectic. I started my training at my new job. I had to pass a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention class before being hired. I was stressin out beyond belief. It was a four day class, the fourth day being the test day. We had to go over a 100 page book and learn restraint techniques. It really took a toll on not just my mind, but my body. I feel like I'm 90. I was cramming in my studies and trying to practice my "take downs" all week. But alas, I passed! I am officially hired and can start work as soon as they give me my schedule. I still have to call, but no one is in on the weekends.

I also was able to attend Chancho's Christmas party this year. Last year I was so nervous and this year, I was just "whatever" I had too much going on in my life that I couldn't mind what was going on at the party. I did meet a ton of people that I couldn't tell you who or what their names were, but they were all "cool" or "great" guys. I also met the guys that are going on a mini getaway with Chancho next weekend for a football game. I was able to warn the one guy that Chancho snores like a freight train and to watch out. We had to leave early because my test was the next day, but it was still a good time. I'm looking forward to next years party.

My family and I picked out our Christmas tree! It's still out on the front porch, but hopefully this week it will be put up. I can't wait to decorate. I just need to find the time. I finished my extended family shopping today. I'll do another post about those gifts. Now, I have to find a day to buy for everyone in my family.

I think I've gotten everything out. I still have a few busy weeks ahead of me so I'll see if I can keep up with this. I've missed reading and blogging.

Us at the Precinct Party
Quote of the Day: "Don't spend your time lookin' around for something you want that can't be found." –Baloo (The Jungle Book)
Listening to: "Christmas Tree" by Lady Gaga

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Could Be Life Changing

I've kept this under wraps, but I applied for a job, as I have been for over a year now. And I finally got a call. And it wasn't a rejection! Woohooo! At first I had no idea who the lady was or what she was calling in reference to. I had to go back to my emails and see where I had applied to and what matched up with the voicemail. It turns out that I applied for a Milieu Counselor job. Today, I went to the interview. It is in a gated community so I had to ask the security guard to let me in and I had to ask for directions because I've never been on the campus before. He directed me the best he could and wished me luck. I pulled up to the building with the columns as he had described and called Chancho. I was nervous as all hell. I sat in the car in my newly purchased suit (from Chancho. Thanks babe!) and called Chancho for a few last minute words of encouragement. He told me I'd be fine and to get my butt in there. It would look good if I was early. As I was hanging up I heard a chorus of "Good Luck" in the background. He had told everyone in his office that I was going on an interview and they were wishing me luck. It made me smile as I left the car in search for where I was supposed to be. I walked up to a set of doors and they said to use the front entrance. I would if I knew where the front entrance was! So I went across to another set of doors. Same sign. I stood for a minute looking around feeling like an idiot and then walked out to a parking lot and turned to find huge ass green doors. Third times a charm, it was the front entrance. The lady behind the desk had me fill out another application, which I did the best with because I couldn't remember all of the addresses and phone numbers for everything, but whatever.
Then I had my interview. The lady was unbelievably nice. She was so laid back and did a ton of talking. She explained that I would be working with kids ranging from ages 7 to 20 years old that have been taken out of their homes because their home life was unfit or their parents abused them or there was substance abuse involved or some other traumatic experience that required them to leave their home. I would be in charge of a cottage on campus (there are 12 total) and in one cottage there are 16 kids. I wouldn't be working full time or part time, just on call as they need me. For now anyways because I don't have any experience. So this is me getting my feet wet. She encourages open communication so if I go home the first day crying, she wants to know. Before I can start, I need to go through all the necessary background checks, fingerprinting and drug tests. Then I need to complete a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention class that is 4 days long.
I am not going to lie, but I am nervous about starting this job. I'm nervous because I obviously don't have any experience in this field other than the classes that I've taken in school and that isn't nearly enough to prepare me for what I have in store, but I do know that I want to help these kids. I know that it can be a very rewarding opportunity for me. Am I scared for what's to come? Hell yes I am. Am I excited? Beyond excited. I am ready to see what I am capable of and what else is out there beyond retail.
I was explaining to my mother today about what this job and what is expected of me and unfortunately, I didn't get any support from her. In fact, it was all negative responses. Not one good thing came out of her mouth. I should have expected that from her as she is a hard, honest, cold, person, but I did want some sort of encouragement. I guess that is why I have loving friends and a wonderful boyfriend to say all of those things I need to hear. I can't let her negativity get in the way of what I feel is right for me at this time. Even if it isn't and I wind up deciding after a week that I am not fit for it, then I know. I tried and gave it my best. I can put it on my resume and look towards other things. But for now, this is what I want and I'm going in head first.
TG and Chancho took me out to Olive Garden tonight to celebrate. It was a great night involving wayyyy too much eating.
Quote of the Day: "Never dwell on the past & don’t allow the future to scare u, because it will crush the happiness of your present."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Naughty Package

I had this great idea that I would be romantic and send a little package to Chancho at work. I thought Wouldn't it be nice to send him a little something to get him ready for me when he gets home? I mean they always share it in magazines and movies to spice things up in the relationship to do things out of the ordinary. So I started brainstorming, trying to figure out what I could send that would spread a smile across his face while he was sitting at his desk doing paperwork. A few things crossed my mind and then I decided against them. I finally settled upon something that would not only get him to smile, I was hoping to get a phone call saying he'd take loss time and be home early to see me ;) Then....I realized, sending a package to a police station....Not a good idea. Any crazy person could send a package to the station and it could have something life threatening in it so my little naughty package probably wouldn't be okay either. I sent Chancho a quick text asking what he thought about me sending him something and he said that whatever package I sent to him in the mail would most definitely be searched before being delivered to him. Thank goodness for my brain and realizing that I shouldn't send a package because that would have been awful if I just sent it out and it was searched!
Time to come up with something else to get him to come home early...

Quote of the Day: "It isn’t how you forget, but how you forgive, not how you listen, but how you understand, not what you see, but how you feel, it's not how you let go, it's how you hold on."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eating My Cake

I am happy as a fat kid eating cake. This week was nothing special, but the talks that Chancho and I have had have helped me feel more comfortable and confident in us. He's been super attentive to my feelings and emotions lately and it's been very soothing to know that his feelings for me haven't changed. There has been so much communication between us that it's got me high spirits. Granted, we definitely aren't back to where we were before the "incident", but as he says "we are moving in the right direction". The biggest thing that makes me happy is that we are actually talking when something upsets us and we are responding rationally with each other. Huge steps! Before, we just let the issues fester inside. Now, we can say "hey I'm not happy with this, that and those..." and we work on it.
Yesterday we spent the morning together before he headed into the city for class. It was a great having him hold me all morning while we slept. (I get up early, drive to his place, and climb into bed with him while he's still sleeping) I love having his arms wrapped around me, knowing he's doing it unconsciously in his sleep. He left for class and then picked me up when he was done 3 hours later. He cooked food, or rather, reheated some leftovers his mother made earlier in the day, and we sat and watched TV together. It was great having alone time with him. Better than usual. I think we both needed each other. Fireworks were going off. We didn't leave the bed for the rest of the day. Thankfully, TG was at work. 

Earlier in the week TG and I took an adventure up to Bear Mountain State Park. I wasn't really sure where we were going, but we just drove. We finally made it. And these were the views that we had.

 On our way back, some coworkers contacted me and suggested we meet in the city for dinner. Not having much else to do, we said yes. In we went and wound up at Spice, which is a Thai restaurant. TG nor I have ever had Thai food so it was an interesting experience. We took one look at the menu and were confused. Nothing sounded like anything we ever had before and had to ask Suki and Circhgrl for some advice as to what to order. It wound up being one of the best nights that I've had in a long time. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while. We're going to make it a weekly event, each of us picking another place to go. I'm really looking forward to it this week.
Curry Puff
Quote of the Day: "Life is too short, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly"
Listening to: "Gernade" by Bruno Mars

Monday, November 1, 2010

Raise the Hoof

TG and I haven't had much time to spend together since she's moved in. I think it's finally getting to her as today she's asked that we do something to get her out of the house. I also think that it's showing how much I've changed since I've left school. I hate to think it, but I may have grown up some. I have left behind my drinking habits and now am working crazy hours that keep me responsible. I can't just not show up. TG however, I feel like is still in that frame of mind and wants to go out drinking and having that college lifestyle still. So here I am learning to balance it all out. We did take a walk the other day together to give us something to do, but it is starting to get cold so we're going to run out of things to do that are free. Here's a few pictures from our walk.

This past weekend was a good one. I actually got to spend the entire day with Chancho on Friday. I don't think that we've been able to do that since....I can't remember when. I went to his class with him and then he got me Halal food. It's from a street vendor. I wasn't a huge fan of it. I think cause it was chicken, maybe if he had gotten me beef, I would have liked it better. When I get the beef next time, I'll decide. From there we went to get our Halloween costumes. Nothing was fitting me in the stores. I threw a tiny fit and wanted to go home. I was frustrated and tired. But I knew I needed a costume so I calmed down and put a smile on and ventured to another store to find something that did fit. Chancho of course was able to just fit into anything. As guy costumes are a one size fits all. They get it so easy. After finally finding something that fit, we headed home and Chancho took my parents, TG and I out for dinner. My mother is a nurse and she just took an exam to add a few more initials after her name. She passed! She didn't think she would, but she did so we took her out to a restaurant to celebrate. It was a great Italian place. That I want to go back to. Then...after dinner Chancho, TG and I headed over to a haunted walk. Our friend Zach had to be there as he's a volunteer firefighter in that town so we met up with him. He walked through with us and had TG on his arm the whole night screaming. It was freakin scary as hell! Chancho and I led the way. Chancho got scared at one point. Which I didn't expect. I almost pissed my pants at one point. It was a good night. I want to go back again next year, as scared as I was.
Saturday night, Chancho and I headed off to a coworkers party. I was a little nervous as to how it was going to go because I was the only one from work that was going, but it turned out to be a great night. Our costumes were a huge hit and everyone there was super friendly and had some good costumes as well. There was good food to keep Chancho happy. Here's a picture of our costumes The Milk Maid and her cow:
A fun filled weekend has come to an end and now another week continues on. I can't believe it's November. But that means only 4 weeks til my birthday!

Quote of the Day: "Put love into action. Words alone won't do it."
Listening to:  "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Gift Wrap Wonderland is here!!! It will be officially in stores this Thursday. You can order online right now. They have an offer for free shipping if you spend over $100, which we all know is very easy when shopping at The Container Store. If you've been in the stores at all this week, you will notice that the construction is underway to turn the store into the wonderful wonderland. A reminder to get your items early. If you think it's too early because Halloween hasn't even happened, you're late. People are going crazy pre-ordering items just to make sure they get it. Because this stuff will sell out within the first 2 weeks. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, there won't be much of anything left.
The stocking stuffers this year are awesome! There's a link on the homepage which will show you the catalog which should be hitting homes soon. There are also recipes posted online, gift ideas and homemade ideas. You have to check it all out. I'm beyond excited for this. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Next week I'll do a tip on my favorite stocking stuffer or two.

Remember to stay organized this year with ornament organizers, gift wrap organizers and light boxes! We have all of those to help keep you sane during the holiday hussle and bussle!

Happy organizing!!

She is Here

My roommate is all moved in. TG has officially gotten a job at a local bar as a waitress. We haven't really had much time together because I've been working like crazy, but I was able to drive her around town to set her up with a new bank account and get her to feel comfortable with the new city. She seems to be enjoying herself so far. Chancho took her to the Yankee game tonight. Her first time going to a Yankee game and the stadium itself. I have to work tonight, otherwise I would be there with them. I get to go tomorrow afternoon to the game with him. (finally some time alone with him) Chancho also got her a cake when she arrived welcoming her to her new home. We have yet to eat it.
Last night I worked 8pm to 6am. The store was torn apart and put back together in those 10 hours so that Gift Wrap Wonderland could become alive. I'm heading back in there in an hour to start putting out all of the new merchandise. I am so excited for it. I've started shopping already, trying to figure out what to get everyone. Sadly, I think I may be just getting gift cards this year for everyone. We'll see what happens.
I ordered a new hair straightener last week and it came yesterday. I LOVE it! I can't believe I've waited this long to get an excellent one. I feel like my hair has been missing out.
But time to go get ready for work. Another all-nighter before the Yankee game tomorrow! I really hope AJ doesn't fuck it up tonight.

Quote of the Day: "You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation trying to put the pieces together-justifying what could've, would've happened-OR you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on."
Listening to: "I Told You So" by Keith Urban

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Final Countdown

When I don't want to do something, I avoid it. I avoid it with everything that I have. All the excuses are pulled and I don't care even if it's something as lame as I fell asleep. Here's what I'm talking about. My roommate from school is moving in with me and my parents Saturday. This Saturday, only 3 days away. If you were to ask me if her room was ready, I'd have to answer with a no. If you asked if I had spoken to my dad about whether he was willing to give up walking around in his tighty-whities at night, I'd again say no. If you asked if I have gotten an extra house key made for her, again, no. Even if you asked if I figured out where she was going to park her car, I'd shake my head no. So as you can see, I've just been lazy and avoiding it all. I keep saying "oh I have plenty of time to do it." Just like I did when I was in school and had to write a paper. Well, I figure those papers always got written the wee hours before they were do and I'm guessing I'll be up until the wee hours painting her room and figuring everything out.
I'm so beyond excited for her to come. I should have all of this settled and even a mint on her pillow waiting for her, but I think a part of me is a little scared to have her come. I'm not worried about us living together because we were able to do that for 4 years. We get along great, but I guess I'm being a little selfish. I'm worried about what's going to happen to my free time. High on my list of worries is what's going to happen to the very little time that I have with Chancho? I have tried speaking to him about it a few times already and he doesn't seem too concerned over it. There really isn't much that we can do, it is what it is. I did get him to promise me that every last friday of the month will be our date night. I'm skeptical as to how well we're going to pull this off. But.... I know I should be focused on how scared she is going to be. I mean she is the one moving 8 hours away from home, family and friends. She is the one moving to an entirely different city with cars, trains and people (not animals and fields). She is also the one moving giving up her two jobs. This is huge for her! So I need to stop my bitching and help her as much as I can. I'm reaching out to other groups of people so she'll have the chance to meet a bunch of new friends. I just hope that it goes well.
Alright, now that that is off my chest I think maybe, perhaps, I'll go do something to get her room started. Maybe.

Quote of the day: "We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship." ~Omar N. Bradley
Listening to:  "Love Who You Love" by Rascal Flatts

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tips

The Container Store is having their annual Shelving Sale right now. 25% OFF! Elfa instillation is also 25% off. It's ending pretty soon, meaning the 17th! This is one of my favorite sales because there isn't much maintenance that needs to be done to the store and it's so easy for the customer to just come in and say "I want that." and then I go and grab it for them from the back. Quick and painless. Unless of course we're out of stock. But even then, they just order it. Anyway, my pick from the shelving sale this year is going to be the Connections Shelving. It's quite possibly one of the easiest solutions. It doesn't require any tools at all. There are two uprights that you place the shelves on and wah-la you have a shelving system. There is a bunch of different ways for you to put it together and it can fit in any room.
Those are just a few examples of what can be done. The Library, media center, and work station. The uprights are made out of tubular steel with a powder coated finish. Shelves are made with an ebony-finished Ash veneer and can hold up to 75 pounds each. My recommendation is that if you purchase the tall uprights, come with a large car. They will not fit into a sedan. I've tried and it did not work out. They had to come back with a minivan. Check out the sale, there are tons of other items that could fit your taste, style and needs.
Once the sale is over with we start Gift Wrap Wonderland!!! (GWW) We go in on the 18th and begin set up. It will officially begin on the 20th. Which means run to get your wrapping paper and stocking stuffers because we will sell out. We've been getting phone calls the past 2 weeks asking about them.

Okay with all of that said.... Happy Organizing!!

[Photos taken from here]

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Real Quick

Boston was well....okay. We left New York and got to Mass. 5 hours later. There was traffic from the second we left. We were in NYC so of course we were expecting traffic til we got out of there but not butt to butt traffic the ENTIRE way. However, Mother Nature was on our side and was having a complete meltdown over Boston so the game was rained out. The hotel was beautiful, as it was Hilton and had a glass roof. We had a personal chauffeur to the train station. And then met a creepy guy who wouldn't stop asking us where we were going and following us around. I wanted to just ignore him, but Chancho kept talking to him as to not to be "rude". All I wanted to do was push the blue emergency button. Thankfully the creep was going in the opposite direction so he didn't get on our train. We were completely lost so every step of the way we were asking someone for help, mind you we were wearing our Yankee jerseys. We got starred at. Commented on, but never really had any nasty comments. We met up with our friend who moved to Boston a few months go and had dinner across the street from the stadium til they called it a Postponed game. It was obviously a Red Sox bar that we were eating at and while Chancho and our friend left to go the bathroom, I sat awkwardly in the booth hoping no one would say anything. The table across from us kept starring and smiling at me. I was waiting for them to say something so I was going over in my head all the comebacks I could shout at them in my defense, but they thankfully waited until Chancho came back before saying anything. From the bar we traveled to another bar somewhere else and sat quietly at the bar having drinks. Saturday we got lost trying to find the Quincy Market in the heart of Boston. Finally when we got there I enjoyed some great food and frozen yogurt. It was a good afternoon, absolutely beautiful out. We had to get home soon after that though because we both had work on Sunday. So we got back on the road for home. This time it only took us 4 hours. Really it should only take 3. We stopped at the scene of an accident to help out a woman who had just crashed her car. She was okay, visibly shaken and had something coming out of her arm, but she was able to communicate and walk. There was another older couple who had stopped as well and were taking care of her. The woman who had caused the accident showed up and then tried to leave so I chased her down to make sure she wouldn't just drive off before giving a report. Once the state trooper showed up he told us to leave because we weren't involved. So that's what we did.
It is officially playoff season in the baseball world. My life has been revolving around the bars that show the games and tonight, Chancho and I will be attending game 3. If they don't clinch it tonight, we'll be at the stadium again tomorrow night.
I can't believe that we are already in October. Next week we'll be setting up for Gift Wrap Wonderland (GWW) at work. I'm working all 3 overnights. Every store should be completely set up on the 20th. And a reminder for anyone who's shopping it, it sells out fast! Don't procrastinate.
By this time next week, my roommate from college should be all moved in!
Foxy has gotten fixed so she's been walking around with her head in a cone. The poor girl.
That seems to be all the catching up for now. Sorry nothing too exciting. Off to pick up some kitty litter and then off to the game! Gooooo Yankees Gooooo!

Quote of the Day: "We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it." - John Lennon 
Listening to: "Basket Case" by Green Day

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Time Alone

The Drive-In movie theatre night went great. We got there and pulled in just as the sun was setting. Chancho drove Mowgli aka his honda fit so we had a front row seat. Neither one of us had had dinner so we ventured over to the concession stand for dinner. This is what we ordered: One big bucket of popcorn, a hockey puck of a burger, popcorn chicken, two sides of fat fries and sodas. Finally settled into the car with the bucket of popcorn on my lap, with the cardboard case on top so I didn't drop my hamburger all over myself and our sodas precariously positioned in the middle console (the cup holders apparently don't hold cups bigger than small.) the radio starts talking. However, the screen is still blank in front of us. Turn to the left and that screen is still blank, turn to the right and that screen is the one talking to us. We pulled into the wrong section. So we had to reposition ourselves and drive over the right screen. Of course that would happen to us. We got to watch Going the Distance. It was cute. I laughed. That movie was for me the later showing was The Other Guys for Chancho, but we didn't wind up staying. He was too tired coming from a double the day before and working all day that day so we headed home. It's about a 45 minute drive home. I was happy.
Saturday, fight night, was alright. It was great seeing my siblings. I miss them and wish I lived closer to them. The fight was not worth it. In fact the commentators were apologizing for such a lame night. Chancho fell asleep during it and that was when I knew it was time for us to head home. We both had work early the next day and it was a hour and a half ride home. Happy I went though. I'm hoping for a better fight coming up on the 16th!
Now for the next adventure. We're driving up to Boston tomorrow. The Yankees play them tomorrow night and we got tickets! Wooohooo! The Yankees have once again made the playoffs, by some miracle. They have not been playing like the great Yankees, but I'll take it. We were supposed to leave today, but because Chancho had to miss class last week due to work, he can't miss it again this week so we're leaving directly after his class. I'll be going with him to class, or rather, sitting around while he's in class. Too bad I don't have a book for me to read.
In other news my roommate from college who came to visit last month is officially moving here!!! Two weeks away! I am beyond excited. I have to get her room ready for her, paint it, clean it out and buy new sheets. I'm also planning a surprise Welcome party for her. Give her a chance to meet a bunch of people so she has some familiar faces welcoming her. I also am a little nervous as to how this is going to effect Chancho and me. I'm definitely going to have to rework my time management skills because she's going to need a lot of support for the first couple of months that she's here, which means not a lot of time with Chancho. And I already don't get enough of that from him so we'll see how this turns out. I think that as long as we both can set aside one day out of the week where we are committed to seeing one another than we'll be fine. As I keep telling myself, it's just for right now and not forever.
With that being said I need to go pack for our mini vacay!

Quote of the Day: "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."
Listening to: "Better Than" by John Butler Trio

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tap Out

Take a guess as to what the cap is for police officer's overtime is for a month.
They shouldn't be allowed to work any more than 35 hours.
Take a wild guess as to what Chancho has worked this month. Just throw a number out there.

50. Yep, he has worked 50 hours of overtime. So not only has he worked his regular hours, he's added on 50 more hours to it. He got yelled at. They told him no more for this month. That was earlier this week.
Want to play again?
Take a guess as to what the cap is for doing Paid Details is for a month.
I actually don't know that answer, but he was yelled at for doing 80+ hours.
So needless to say I haven't seen Chancho very much this past month. In fact there were days when I only saw him for literally 5 minutes while he was working at the deli. Oh yeah, he now has added on another day to his deli schedule. I swear he just can't get enough of work. Oh and another thing before I forget, he mentioned lightly over dinner yesterday that there have been rumors going around that by next year the domestic violence officers will be getting shields because the work that they do is essentially detective work. He doesn't think that it will actually happen, but he wanted to keep me in the loop. He said not to get my hopes up, but I think he was really trying to tell himself that.
As for me, I have been working 40+ weeks myself, which meant our schedules overlapped and we were back to having a relationship with our phones. It also has allowed me to bond with my coworkers. I've gone out with them almost every night now. It's actually been a lot of fun.

I've also been babysitting Buster a lot. They really are paying for that cruise. On Monday it was getting late, as I was trying to get Buster to wind down so we could have bath time and then I could put him to bed when the doorbell rang. I contemplated answering the door, but I knew that the room that I was in they would be able to see me so, I went and answered it. I had Buster in my arms and I was only going to open the main door, keeping the glass door shut. Well I open it and this Hulk Hogan guy is standing there. Before I know it he's opening the outside door and reaching for Buster. I quickly pull back and say "Can I help you?" He answers with "Oh hi! Hey [Buster] I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would stop over and say hi."
I'm still starring wondering who the hell this guy is. I obviously don't know him and he still hasn't introduced himself. So I begin to say something when he cuts me off and asks if Buster's mother is home. I say no and that if he wanted I could just let them know he stopped by. "Oh that would be great! I'm their painter, Eddie." (They got their house painted months ago.) I say "Okay, great, I'll let them know. You have yourself a good night." Eddie steps closer "Do you think it would okay if I came in?" Me: "No. I'd rather you not." Eddie: "Right, okay, sure, understandable. I'll see ya around." Then he turns and walks away. I was totally freaked out. I locked that door and double checked all the other doors in the house. I kept an eye on him as he was sitting on the front lawn. He eventually got a ride with some other guys that happened to be on the road with some car problems, but if he had left my line of sight you better believe I would have had the cops on their way.
Wrapping things up, Chancho and I really have a date planned for this Friday. We have high hopes to go to the drive in movie theatre after his class. Then Saturday we're going to my sister's for the UFC fight. It's going to be a small sibling reunion as my brother is going too. Saweeeet. I'm really pumped for it. Be ready for a recap of the weekend. So for now I'm tapping out. Ha.

Quote of the Day: “We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” - Bill Watterson
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Man In the Red Bandanna

Nine years later and everything is still clear as it was that morning. I was in high school. I was sitting in the back of building A, Mr Dillon's history class. The last seat in the room staring out the window wishing I was back home doing something else other than listening to him speak. A woman came in and spoke quietly to Mr Dillon. I couldn't hear because I was in the back of the room, but the kids in the front of the room began talking and a can distinctly remember a girl's face. Panic. Tears sprang up into her eyes like a faucet and she began to shout, "My mom! My mom!", over and over again. The woman who came in quickly escorted her out of the room. That was when Mr Dillon announced to the class that the Twin Towers had been hit. They were both standing still, but they knew it wasn't an accident. The rest of the day, it was a blur. As much as the teachers attempted to teach, no one focused. It always somehow came back around to the Towers. On the car ride home, my friend's and I talked about what was going on and when I arrived home, the TV was on and I could see it for myself.
It was real. My sister was home and she had the phone in her hand. Her boyfriend's father was working nearby and they couldn't get a hold of him. They were in a panic. I sat and stared at the screen for a long time that day.
Then, my mother came home and told us of Welles. My mother's coworker left early because her son was in the tower. He called and told her he was okay. However, he never made it home. He worked in the 2nd tower as an equities trader, but that day, he was a firefighter. He helped a ton of people down to their safety saving their lives, but losing his own. He was a true hero that day, along with everyone else that gave their life. Welles' full story can be read here, along with all of the wonderful trusts, funds and scholarships that were made in his name.
For a while, I didn't want to go there. In fact, it took me 8 years to walk down and around ground zero. I wanted to keep the memories that I had of the towers, the ones of them still standing. But last year I went and walked around for the first time. It was emotional for me. I stopped in on a fire house and tears came to my eyes as I read the names and saw the pictures of the men who lost their lives. It was a scary time. Having it so close to home and not knowing. For Chancho, Sept 11th gave him all he needed to sign up to become a police officer. He was already a volunteer firefighter and in the Air Force, but he felt like he needed to do more.
September eleventh. I won't be forgetting it. I won't be forgetting all of the men and women who were lost that day and those who continue to fight for us today.

The initial numbers are indelible: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m.
Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes.
Time they took to fall: 12 seconds.
Total number killed in attacks: 2,819
Number of firefighters and paramedics killed: 343 

Number of NYPD officers: 23
Number of Port Authority police officers: 37

Number of employees who died in Tower One: 1,402
Number of employees who died in Tower Two: 614
Number of nations whose citizens were killed in attacks: 115
Age of the greatest number who died: between 35 and 39
Bodies found "intact": 289

Body parts found: 19,858
Number of families who got no remains: 1,717
Number of people who lost a spouse or partner in the attacks: 1,609
Estimated number of children who lost a parent: 3,051
Percentage of Americans who knew someone hurt or killed in the attacks: 20
Number of funerals attended by Rudy Giuliani in 2001: 200
Number of FDNY vehicles destroyed: 98
Tons of debris removed from site: 1,506,124
Days fires continued to burn after the attack: 99


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Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Oh Hey there!"

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the Yankees. And it so happens that I went to a game last week, or was it two weeks ago? Anyways, I had great seats, amazing seats! I was located on the field level behind Nick Swisher. He could hear me when I yelled out. If I actually yelled out that is. It was ridiculously hot out, I was sweating balls sitting in the shade. My shorts were soaked through and sticking to the padded seats. Yep, field level seats are indeed padded! I was so excited. Normally, this girl sits way up top in the nosebleed section because tickets are only $3-$7, but on this occasion my friend Zach had gotten us tickets from a friend. (For Free!) Since the tickets were free, I decided I could spend a million dollars on food and splurged on a sausage with onions and peppers, a bottled water and fries. I spent over $30! But I can accept that because if I did pay for those tickets they would have been well into the $300 dollar range so it evens out. At least in my mind.
There were a few home runs during the game, two in which landed 3 rows in front of me. I was more than likely on TV. I've tried searching for videos, but couldn't find any. If I had moved up I would have been in reach of grabbing either of the balls. One day...

Here are some pictures from the day:

CC walking across the field to warm up

Posada warming up

Yep, he's my favorite

My view from our seats

Again, our view of the field from our seats

Swisher catching a fly ball

Gardner's reaction the bleacher creecher's chant

Swisher's reaction

Cano's reaction

CC's first pitch

Yankee's winning!!
I can't wait to go back to another game. Hoping that they make it into the World Series again this year. It's almost that time of the year again.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ripple Effect

Today was a...not so great day. No matter how hard I tried to look at the brighter side or remind myself that whatever was bothering me was small compared to what other people were facing, I just couldn't get myself out of the grumpy, cranky, stomp my feet mood. I think I'm burnt out. I had a 47 hour work week. The first of my new availability taking effect. I think this may have been a bad choice. Bad in the way that my feet hurt, I don't have my down time, and I was thrown into it. There was no gradual increase in hours.
Everything today annoyed me. Then it irritated me. Then I bitched and moaned about everything. My back started to act up, which it only does when I'm stressed and have been on my feet all day. I sprained my back a few years back from a kick boxing class I took in college and it has never been the same. I should be doing exercises to strengthen the muscles, but I haven't. So a full day of customers who needed special attention and hand holding as they shopped and coworkers who forgot their common sense at home, has me wanting to cry.
I got in my car after work and called Chancho. He did have me in a good mood until we started talking about his mother. I wanted to have dinner with him tonight, but his mother did too. She wins. It's her turn to have dinner with him and I think it will be for a while as her father has just passed away and she needs all the support she can get. He wants me to hang out at his place while they have dinner, but that's something I'm not comfortable with, at least not anymore after the "incident". His mother doesn't agree with us getting back together and refuses to initiate any conversation until I do. (I find that so mature.) However, there seems to be a culture difference in that aspect. According to Chancho, in his culture it is appropriate for the guest who is coming into the house to say hello first to the host. Yet, here, correct me if I'm wrong, it's more appropriate for the host to greet the guest first, when they arrive. I've never really put much thought into before because normally it's just whoever says hi first, then that's it, but I guess in Peru it's an insult for the guest not to say hi first. I've been working on making it a point to say hello first when arriving at their house, but sometimes, it just slips my mind or I'm preoccupied, or what have you. Another issue is saying good-bye. Most of the time I don't search the family out to say good-bye because they're in their bedroom with the door closed and I don't feel like it's appropriate to knock on the door to announce that I'm leaving. Also, I'm shy in that respect, I think because of the language barrier. I have never fully felt comfortable in talking to his family and it's definitely showing here. One, I can't really understand them through the accent and two, because sometimes, they don't make sense to me. It's a challenge, but I haven't let it discourage me from making conversation when the time is right. It's something that I'm going to have to deal with because it's not going to go away and it's important to me to have his family approve/like me.
I'm planning a weekend get-away for Chancho and I. It's time for us to escape the madness for a few days to just focus on us. Revamp ourselves away from outside pressures. I'm thinking a bed and breakfast or a hotel, a few hours away and cheap. Now, we just need to find some dates that fit both our schedules.

Quote of the day: Maybe it did take a crisis to get to know yourself; maybe you needed to get whacked hard by life before you understood what you wanted out of it.
-Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care 

Listening to:  "Life After You" by Daughtry

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fetching & Eggs

Foxy has officially begun to fetch. She started to do it on her own while I was laying in bed. She would just hop up onto it with a toy and play with it on the bed. I tossed it off because I didn't want her distracting me and she came back with it. I didn't notice what she was doing until about the 5th time that I tossed it off, getting even more annoyed, then it hit me, she was retrieving what I was throwing! So from that day on we were working with her to bring her toys to back us. She LOVES it! Right now her favorite toy is a crumbled up piece of paper. Go figure. The tinier the better. Next on the list is getting her to sit and stay. Then we'll see about getting her fixed so she can go outside! 

Here's a picture of the first egg I got to eat from our baby chicks! I now remember why I always hate eating eggs out, they just aren't as good!

Monday, August 23, 2010

At the Drop of a Hat

Chancho's grandfather passed away Sunday. With that phone call, he was off to Peru. I got the two missed phone calls while I was at work. I quickly called back during my break and tried to figure out what I could do for him, but my shift didn't end until 7pm. He needed someone to drive him and his sister to the airport so I pleaded with my manager to let me go 5 hours early and he denied me. Then Chancho called to say that his sister forgot her passport! Of all things! I still could not leave early. I felt so helpless. I tried calling friends and family to see if they could help, but of course they were all working or not answering their phones. Luckily, they made it back to the airport on time, only to sit and wait 5 hours on the runway because the tower wouldn't let any planes leave. Then, to keep them waiting longer, the weather became a problem. They missed their connecting flight in Mexico. I got a phone call from him this afternoon. They're going sightseeing to pass the time because it doesn't leave until 5pm. (Hopefully they're leaving now.) 5 hours later they should be landing safely in Peru. The cremation is tomorrow afternoon along with the memorial service. His return flight is Thursday. I can't wait to give him a huge hug and kiss.
A picture of us from when my roommate was visiting.
What a world-wind week and a half. It's been a miserable day out today so I've been laying in bed, cuddling with Foxy and watching movies. I'm preparing for my busy week. I'm working all 7 days. In fact I don't have a day off until next Wed.
Getting his frustrations out while chopping wood with my dad - therapy session

Chancho starts graduate school this Friday. Another adventure for us. I can't believe that summer is finally coming to an end. I feel like it went by all too fast and I am not ready at all for the cold weather.

Quote of the Day: “Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.” - Alex Tan
Listening to: "Kissin U" by Miranda Cosgrove

Friday, August 20, 2010

...It wasn't over. It still isn't over.

A lot of harsh actions were taken in these past few days. There has been a lot of confusion and a lot hurt being tossed around. However, I believe that love can conquer a lot of things. True, unconditional love, is what we have. The past few days have been god awful, but a few lines that Chancho has said to me will stay with me forever. I am so grateful to have him back in my life. He has decided to take me back and work through this. We need one another. We are who we are supposed to be with. We both know this and we can't let one night of alcohol and insecurities get in the way of the rest of our lives. We both have learned a great deal from this and I think this can only make our relationship stronger. There is a lot to work on for the both of us individually and we're both agreeing to be patient with one another.
It's crazy how many emotions I have been feeling in this past week. I don't think my body can handle any more. I really beat myself up over this and I should have reached out for help, but in my mind, I didn't know how. I shut down. Thankfully, I have the best friends and family that were there by my side, regardless of the situation. And of course all of your kind words were a great help. It's wonderful knowing that even "strangers" are here to help you when you are at your lowest.
For now, we are enjoying the new found appreciation for one another and learning more about ourselves as the days go by. I know our families are uncertain of how we will work out, but by our conversations, I believe that we can make it through the worst now. It's all one day at a time. But I am enjoying this make-up time, if ya know what I mean....
We both went crazy in reacting to this short lived break up and jam packed our schedules with work. I even spoke to my manager and asked for full time. Which they are willing to consider after a few months of a test run with me. This is what I need to help us in saving up for our house (yes, we're still going to buy a house together), but it is also going to give us the space and time that we need to heal our wounds. It's going to be a long process, which I wish we never would have had to have gone through. He had great, exciting plans for that question to be asked in the very near future, but now, I have ruined it and it's all about building us back up to a better place.

Quote of the Day: "So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday." -The Notebook 
Listening to: "Here In Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Chancho broke up with me Saturday morning. It was a result of my careless and drunken behaviors.  I am devastated and a complete mess. I don't know if there is any way to get passed this....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8th

2 years ago Chancho and I made it official. We weren't to see anyone else, we wanted to be exclusive. Taking it back even further, 8 years, we met in high school. Our close friend Zach was our mutual friend. Chancho was interested. He thought I was cute. I on the other hand had no interest. I don't even remember the first time we hung out together. That's how oblivious I was to him. But sooner rather than later he found his way into my life. He kept at it, showing up to gatherings more often, even driving 5 hours to be at my house for party I was throwing. There was a night he was so sick he should have been home in bed, but he insisted on going to play pool so that he could spend time with me. I had grown to have a big crush on him, but by that time it was too late. I lost my chance with him. He was graduating high school and joining the Air Force. A short time after that he was shipped off to Afghanistan. I was determined to keep in contact with him so we made a promise that we would. At  his going away party we exchanged watches. He took my watch and I took his. He promised that he would be back for his watch once his tour was over. He spent a year over there, that ultimately changed him. He came back and left the Air Force. He wanted out after seeing his best friend die in front of him. He finished up school at Alfred instead of Princeton where he started and that was the end of our contact. We never got to exchange our watches back.
Then, 2 years ago, he showed up on his motorcycle to a baby shower in Zach's backyard. I remember hearing the motorcycle's engine and me walking towards the driveway with this confused look wondering who this guy was driving a motorcycle. When he took off his helmet, those butterflies of a school girl came rushing back. We said hi, but separated for the majority of the night. I spotted him later in the evening sitting by himself by the fire so I walked over and plopped myself next to him. We started chatting about his job, that's when I found out he was a cop. I told him I was criminal justice major and then we started talking about the Yankees. He said that he always goes to games by himself because no one else is a big fan. Here I enter. I quickly jumped on it. We exchanged numbers so that if either one of us got tickets and needed someone to go with we'd have each other. He explained to me how he was coming out of a 4 year relationship and was happy to have friends to hang out with again. He said he was sorry for not being around and that he was ready to be a better friend.
The next day I got a text message from him asking me if I wanted to meet him for some ice cream. I agreed to meet him and we sat and talked for a good 3 hours outside of Carvel. I wound up getting a parking ticket because we were talking for so long. He was leaving for Peru the next day. Later I found out that I was the last person he talked to before he left and the first person he talked to when he got back. We quickly became close friends as I was dealing with a break up myself. We were each others shoulders to cry on. We took spontaneous trips to the zoo, drive in movies, aquariums, and even made it a goal to visit every playground in the surrounding areas. At this time he was working with 3 days of work and then 3 days off so it worked out well being able to spend that much time together. We got along so well.
Then Zach's barbecue happened and that night we got into a fight because Chancho saw me chatting it up with another guy. It was an innocent chat, but he was jealous. I explained that if wanted me that things would have to be official. So that's when it happened. I was leaving for school at the end of the month, but he said he would do the long distance for me. But first he would need to take me out on an official date. The day of the date he sent me a dozen roses at work. He picked me up at my house and drove me into the city. He was taking me on a dinner cruise around Manhattan. It was truly a perfect evening.

Here we are 2 years later. I've fallen deeply in love with him. Trying my best to understand and live the lifestyle of a cop and finding myself along the way. It's been the greatest thing. Even though it can get pretty bad, I wouldn't leave him.

Quote of the Day: "Finally I have found a place into which I fit perfectly, safely, and securely with no doubts, fears, sadness, or tears. This place is filled with happiness and laughter, yet it is spacious enough to allow me the freedom to move around, to live my life, and to be myself. This wonderful place, which I never believed really existed, I have found finally in your arms, in your heart, in your love."
Listening to: "Here In Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retirement Partay

At the age of 42. How lucky to retire after 20 years and be 42. Chancho and I attended his partner's husband's retirement party last night. It was a formal affair, which was nice. As Chancho put it "It'll be a nice change of pace for us." Which was very true. We're usually lounging around in our tshirts and shorts watching TV all night. The last time we got fancied up was for my sister's wedding over a year ago. In fact I wore the same dress for her rehearsal dinner to the party last night.
We started out late because Chancho left his wallet in his shorts, didn't transfer the pocket full o' stuff to his suit pants. Then we hit traffic. It was stop and go for about a half hour. We didn't think we'd make it on time with it being an hour away, but with Chancho's quick maneuvers and thinking we found another route and made it there in 45 minutes. It was at Pier 9, which is a beautiful place. There were fountains right in the front and a Cinderella carriage all lit up out front. Perfect for a wedding. In fact there was a bride entering the place as we were walking up. The hostess asked if we were there for the wedding. We joked and said we'll let you know once we see how our party is.
We were the first few people to arrive. There was one other couple there before us. The woman who gave me Foxy was there as well. I showed her a few pictures of Foxy and she got emotional. As more people came the more names and faces came flooding towards me. I did know a good portion of the people from the BBQ. That was very helpful. Then there were the other 35 people I didn't know. And neither did Chancho. We kept the bar busy. There was a happy hour before the reception so we were comfortable there. The place had a separate room for pictures where everything was green. The ceiling, the floor was an awful flowery pattern and the walls were green too. But to make it all worth while there were live plants with a waterfall and a bridge going over it to a gazebo. Everyone kept saying how beautiful it would be for a wedding. Chancho and I looked at one another and said "actually it's quite ugly". At least we were on the same page.
I kept asking Chancho why he wasn't introducing me to more people and he explained to me that there's an unwritten rule about speaking to people that are not in your rank. So another words if he saw a guy who was say a Lt. he wouldn't be able to go up to him and say "hey how are ya?" because he's above him. Unless he works with him everyday and knows him on a first name basis there shouldn't be any contact. So technically he "knew" everyone, but couldn't say hi to them.
The reception started. It was an awkward start as the DJ did an awful job of introducing the retiring officer. He literally just spoke the guys name off of a card and said "Here is P.O. J. He is retiring." He didn't shout it or get the guests involved. It was lame. He didn't even play music. So the guy just walks into the room. Awkwardly as everyone is starring at him. Chancho looks at me and goes "NO. Absolutely not!" Chancho doesn't want a retirement party. This just confirmed it for him.
There were a few speeches made, that weren't well planned or thought out, which made it even more awkward. We were sitting at an all couples table. Chancho knew 3 out of the 4 couples. The one couple he didn't know we made a bet as to who the cop was in the relationship and we both said the woman. Turns out we were right. The man had the "deer in the head lights" look to him. She was grilling me the entire night and had this "Bitch don't mess with me" look. They played Spanish music all night long, which would have been fine, except 70% of the guests were White. No one really danced, but Chancho and I danced to one of his favorite songs. Don't ask me the name of it, but I had fun attempting to swing my hips.
Dinner was announced, buffet style, which was okay. The food wasn't that great. I was expecting something better for the place that we were in, but it did the trick. Soon after dinner we started planning our escape. We settled on the story of me having to get up early for work and we had to drive an hour back. Both statements were false, but it worked out well.

Quote of the Day: "'You can't get stuck on what should have happened. That doesn't help you.'" - Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom
Listening to: "Mine" by Taylor Swift

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


5 Months later. My bed is finally in my room. Yesterday was the most productive day I've had in a really long time.
Monday morning I was up and out shopping for a mattress. Found one and got it sent to my house for Tuesday. The wonderful time from from 2-6pm. I had a shit load of work to accomplish before then.
Monday night Chancho and I tackled the task of removing an over-sized sleeper sofa out of my upstairs bedroom. Let me just say that there are only a few dents on the walls on the way down the stairs and the doorway is a little scratched up. But the couch is out of my room for good! I'm disappointed that we couldn't donate it, but I think someone may pick it up out of the garbage. It is just sitting on the side of the road. Along with the coach went my twin sized bed. Instead of fussing with it around the corners of the stairs, because my staircase isn't a straight shot upstairs, it has two sharp corners, we got a saw out and sawed the bed in half. It was hot and sticky that night so we called it a night and went to bed.
Tuesday morning I was up early, way too early for a day off, but Chancho had to be at the deli by 630am. I couldn't fall back to sleep. Plus, my room was a disaster.

I started to tackle this mess and bed building around 9am after I got myself up from the couch and tore myself away from the Law & Order SVU marathon. I prepared myself for the dust bunnies and everything else that might come my way.

 I began by tossing a lot of stuff. I then swept the floor. I vacuumed the floor and then mopped the floor. I have never seen such dirty water before. I don't think the floor has been washed in 23 years or more. Once the floor was done drying I started the building process of my new bed. 

The directions told me it would take 2 people. Well, there was only me and no one to call. So I did it myself. They should rewrite those directions.

I even dragged out the power tools because the screw driver wasn't cutting it. Once everything was in place, I cleaned up some of the garbage from the packaging and positioned it in the right spot.

I cleaned the stairway and the hallway for the mattress guys. I ate some lunch and waited...and waited. They showed up at 530pm. Then informed me that I couldn't just put the mattress on the support beams. I would need something like plywood to support it. Determined to sleep on the bed that night I made Chancho take me to Home Depot for plywood. The first Home Depot we went to, their cutting station was broken so we had to go to another one. Then we stopped off at Bed Bath & Beyond for new sheets and comforter set.
I was finally satisfied that I could sleep there so Chancho took me to go see Inception, which I enjoyed! He bought candy, popcorn and soda. His way of making up to me that he's working all week. I keep telling him that he can't bribe me, but he knows the way to my heart is food.
Well last night we slept like babies in the new bed. There was even room for Foxy. I love it. I can't get out of it. This may be my downfall.

Quote of the Day: “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.” - Lee Iacocca
Listening to: "Billionaire" by Travis McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

Monday, August 2, 2010

Doing My Thing

In celebration of my brother's birthday I headed to New Jersey Saturday. I was supposed to work until 5pm, but because my manager was leaving early for a wedding he said I could leave early too. I was out by 2:30pm. It was a quiet evening with everyone outside on their newly built deck. My brother built it earlier in the week. It came out nice, shaped like a hexagon. A few drinks were had along with some grilled food. They had Bubba Burgers. I've always had regular Bubba Burgers, but they had Onion Bubba Burgers and my mouth was watering for them. I wound up eating 3 that night. But besides the burgers they had hot dogs, chicken and sausage. One of my sister-in-laws friends was there and she got a tad wasted, which turned into our entertainment for the night as she pranced around, tried to light a lighter as a cigarette, drank everyone's floating beers, attempted to play a few games and then passed out on the couch, but not before stripping off her pants.
The guys played a game they invented themselves out of posts hammered into the ground and beer bottles on top. They then threw a frisbee at the bottle to try and knock it off. They literally played it all night long. I sat with my sister-in-law, the drunkie, and a girlfriend of my brother's friend. As the sun went down we migrated over to the fire pit and sat by the warmth of the fire. Eventually we all trickled inside to head in for the night.
It was a good birthday party. Now I'm off for the week. Chancho was supposed to have the week off as well. In fact that was the reason behind me taking the week off was because he took it off. However, because he's a workaholic he'll be working every day this week. Today he's working a paid detail and then the rest of the week he's working at the deli covering for the owner. Which means, no vacation for us. In the beginning when he first told me this I was upset. Very upset. In fact, I think I still am, but s l o w l y letting it go. When he first told me he had to work I thought to myself alright, only a few hours here and there to fill in for someone. That's okay. We won't be able to go away, but we would still be able to go to the beach more days out of the week than normal. But now, he's working every day and until 3pm. Which means no beach, or anything else. So I'm putting on my big girl pants and making plans for myself. Today I'm off to go mattress shopping. I'm determined to put up my bed that's been sitting in the living room for 5 months now. It will get done this week. Hopefully, by me doing my own thing and keeping myself active while he's at work will let me let go of this frustration.

Quote of the Day: "There are three solutions to every problem: accept it, change it or leave it."
Listening to: "Misery" by Maroon 5