Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Wondering

I'm guessing that this is probably holiday number ... after being together for 3 years and there being roughly 12 holidays that family usually gathers for, it comes to about 36...okay now that the math is out of the way, you would think that family would understand the concept of a police officers work. That someone needs to be out protecting the streets, EVEN, during a holiday. So why do I still get that question of "Really? On insert holiday name he's working??" I hate having to smile back and say, "Yes, even on insert said holiday, he is working." I really want to respond with a punch to the face and "Yes, you idiot, nothing has changed. And yes, it does suck that he's not here, so stop asking."
So I ponder, when do you think it will sink in with the family that Chancho will most likely be absent from holiday gatherings 95% of the time? And dare I ask when they'll stop with the dumb question?
I am grateful that my immediate family understands and assume he won't be joining us, but ask if there's any way to accommodate his schedule with making a to-go plate or save dessert for him.

P.S. Chancho has lost a total of 13 pounds!

Monday, April 18, 2011

In Need of Power

Saturday we had a big thunderstorm pass through. I was over at Chancho's place getting ready to fall asleep when this huge ka-boom went off. I never heard anything as loud as that before in my life. The power went out. It fried his tv. He still doesn't have one. I'm not sure how he's surviving. I get back to my place the next day after work and not having charged my phone I went to use the house phone. Womp doesn't work. I try and get on the internet, that doesn't work either. And neither does the tv. The Verizon guy came today and fixed it. The box got fried. I guess lightening hit it.
My power cord to my computer doesn't work anymore either, but that was on it's last leg to begin with. Thank goodness for my smartphone!
This morning at work, I was put on the team to work in the stockroom with the guys. It usually is heavy metal that needs to be put away, hence why guys usually are on the team, but on occassion a select few girls are out back there. Me being one of them. I don't mind because it gives me a work out. However, today I wound up dropping a package of about 20, 4ft long closet rods on my head. My head is a bit sore. No concussion, just bruised, along with my ego, as I had to be pulled out off the stockroom team to go ice my head. I couldn't keep up with the guys. Oh well.

Quote of the Day: "None of us would have anything to live for if we didn't have something worth dying for" ~ Anthony Giddens

Saturday, April 9, 2011

He loses, I gain

Literally. We've been doing weight watchers for about 3 weeks now? He has lost 5+ lbs!!!! :) and I have gained 1.8 lbs. Not sure how that is happening, but I'm actually alright with it. You ask why?? Well my pants are not fitting me, they are in fact too big! I think I'm gaining muscle weight because I've been running/biking like crazy. I do about 5 miles every other day or so and when we bike we do no less than 10 miles in one day. My thighs hate me. I had punch another hole in my belt because it didn't fit me anymore. I would like to think of it as a sign of me losing weight, but the scale does not seem to agree. I have been following exactly what weight watchers is telling me to do so I'm not sure what is going on. I am thrilled that I can notice that Chancho has lost 5 lbs. I can see it in his face. It looks a little slimmer. Yay!!

My family received bad news a few days ago about my grandmother. She has been sickly for a while now, but living with my aunt and chugging along. However, the other night she was rushed to the hospital for extreme pain in her leg. She couldn't walk. After numerous tests being done they still haven't figured out what is causing the pain, but instead found that she has an aggressive form of cancer. Yes, that ugly C word. She will be starting her radiation treatments this Monday for 2 weeks and that will hopefully reduce the spread of it and allow her to live a "normal" life. If that doesn't work they may have to operate to remove it. She's 85 years old and doesn't really want to have any surgery. She feels she has lived her life and is amazed that she made it this far. She says that as long as she is not in pain, she would like to just be at home and comfortable. I'm not really sure how I feel about this, it's all still new and for now, I guess I respect her wishes. I don't know what the best option is for her, but as long as she is happy that is all I can ask for.
When Chancho and I went to see her yesterday she was so upset that her hair wasn't done for us. That was her biggest upset of the day. She was proud to share with all the nurses and doctors that her granddaughter was engaged. She had me show pictures and my ring to anyone that walked in the room.

I got the pictures of the engagement so for your enjoyment here they are:

The proposal up on the big screen for the entire stadium to see!

After the game

Quote of the Day: "We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets." - Marilyn Monroe
Listening to: "Forever" by Chris Brown

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bling Bling

Yesterday was Yankees opening day. Chancho and our closest group of friends left at around 9:30am to head into the Bronx to start celebrating the beginning of baseball season. Our trunk had a cooler that was filled to capacity of bud light and an Italian wedge waiting for us once we parked in the garage. We got there at about 10:30am and began celebrating. We had the music playing and Chancho had a fellow co-worker join in. Well about half way through, the music stopped playing. Chancho's car died. Ha. Oops. So our music stopped but our partying didn't. The gates opened at 11am so we quickly finished our drinks and headed in to Yankee stadium. Chancho was wearing his Yankee poncho that he bought when we were in Mexico so he was definitely an attraction for some people as we were walking through the stadium to our seats. We stopped to get a foot long, a sausage, more beer and popcorn.
We're sitting in our seats (Grandstand, third baseline) and it's freezing. I felt like it should have been October rather than March. I was bundled up, but my hands were still freezing so I kept trying to shove my hand in Chancho's pocket, but he kept refusing to let my hand in. I was getting a bit annoyed by it, as he knows that this is what I usually do, but he promised that he would let me in his pockets after the next inning. In my mind, I'm thinking why the hell can't I just warm up my hand for a few seconds this inning??
The 5th inning arrives and there are usally a bunch of messages on the big screen, varying from welcome's, brithday's, anniversaries and lastly marriage proposals.....
Chancho is telling me to look at the screen because there are a bunch of people from his precinct at the game so I'm like "uh huh, okay" still looking around the stadium doing whatever and he's like "No, you gotta watch, it'll be cool." So after about the 3rd time of him telling me to look, I do and good thing because the 2nd announcement was a marriage proposal from Chancho!!!!
He stood up and showed everyone in our section the ring as they're all cheering him on. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was in such shock that I almost forgot to say yes. Thankfully, our friends got it all on camera. They took pictures and video! I can't wait to see that.
Needless to say, I can't really recall anything that happened for the rest of the game other than the fact that they won. After the game, we headed back to my house and as we were gathering up everyone's cars getting ready to head out to a restaurant, Chancho's best friend smacked him in the face with a whipped cream pie! It's a tradition of the Yankees to celebrate a walk-off game by doing that to the guy who homered so it was only appropriate for them to do that to Chancho.
We had a nice dinner with our friends and my parents joined us. My dad told Chancho that he no longer had to call him Mr. M, but could call him by his first name or even Dad. My mom still wants to be called Mrs M though. She's the tougher of the two to please.
We haven't really discussed any details as to a date, or place yet. I think I'm still trying to grasp my head around the fact that he actually proposed and that he proposed at Yankee Stadium. I think we'll just enjoy it for a while before jumping right into the craziness of planning a wedding.

Quote of the Day: "No one can tell you what love is, you will simply know it when you feel nothing else."

Listening to: "Tangled Up In You" by Staind