Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Gift Wrap Wonderland is here!!! It will be officially in stores this Thursday. You can order online right now. They have an offer for free shipping if you spend over $100, which we all know is very easy when shopping at The Container Store. If you've been in the stores at all this week, you will notice that the construction is underway to turn the store into the wonderful wonderland. A reminder to get your items early. If you think it's too early because Halloween hasn't even happened, you're late. People are going crazy pre-ordering items just to make sure they get it. Because this stuff will sell out within the first 2 weeks. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, there won't be much of anything left.
The stocking stuffers this year are awesome! There's a link on the homepage which will show you the catalog which should be hitting homes soon. There are also recipes posted online, gift ideas and homemade ideas. You have to check it all out. I'm beyond excited for this. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Next week I'll do a tip on my favorite stocking stuffer or two.

Remember to stay organized this year with ornament organizers, gift wrap organizers and light boxes! We have all of those to help keep you sane during the holiday hussle and bussle!

Happy organizing!!

She is Here

My roommate is all moved in. TG has officially gotten a job at a local bar as a waitress. We haven't really had much time together because I've been working like crazy, but I was able to drive her around town to set her up with a new bank account and get her to feel comfortable with the new city. She seems to be enjoying herself so far. Chancho took her to the Yankee game tonight. Her first time going to a Yankee game and the stadium itself. I have to work tonight, otherwise I would be there with them. I get to go tomorrow afternoon to the game with him. (finally some time alone with him) Chancho also got her a cake when she arrived welcoming her to her new home. We have yet to eat it.
Last night I worked 8pm to 6am. The store was torn apart and put back together in those 10 hours so that Gift Wrap Wonderland could become alive. I'm heading back in there in an hour to start putting out all of the new merchandise. I am so excited for it. I've started shopping already, trying to figure out what to get everyone. Sadly, I think I may be just getting gift cards this year for everyone. We'll see what happens.
I ordered a new hair straightener last week and it came yesterday. I LOVE it! I can't believe I've waited this long to get an excellent one. I feel like my hair has been missing out.
But time to go get ready for work. Another all-nighter before the Yankee game tomorrow! I really hope AJ doesn't fuck it up tonight.

Quote of the Day: "You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation trying to put the pieces together-justifying what could've, would've happened-OR you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on."
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Final Countdown

When I don't want to do something, I avoid it. I avoid it with everything that I have. All the excuses are pulled and I don't care even if it's something as lame as I fell asleep. Here's what I'm talking about. My roommate from school is moving in with me and my parents Saturday. This Saturday, only 3 days away. If you were to ask me if her room was ready, I'd have to answer with a no. If you asked if I had spoken to my dad about whether he was willing to give up walking around in his tighty-whities at night, I'd again say no. If you asked if I have gotten an extra house key made for her, again, no. Even if you asked if I figured out where she was going to park her car, I'd shake my head no. So as you can see, I've just been lazy and avoiding it all. I keep saying "oh I have plenty of time to do it." Just like I did when I was in school and had to write a paper. Well, I figure those papers always got written the wee hours before they were do and I'm guessing I'll be up until the wee hours painting her room and figuring everything out.
I'm so beyond excited for her to come. I should have all of this settled and even a mint on her pillow waiting for her, but I think a part of me is a little scared to have her come. I'm not worried about us living together because we were able to do that for 4 years. We get along great, but I guess I'm being a little selfish. I'm worried about what's going to happen to my free time. High on my list of worries is what's going to happen to the very little time that I have with Chancho? I have tried speaking to him about it a few times already and he doesn't seem too concerned over it. There really isn't much that we can do, it is what it is. I did get him to promise me that every last friday of the month will be our date night. I'm skeptical as to how well we're going to pull this off. But.... I know I should be focused on how scared she is going to be. I mean she is the one moving 8 hours away from home, family and friends. She is the one moving to an entirely different city with cars, trains and people (not animals and fields). She is also the one moving giving up her two jobs. This is huge for her! So I need to stop my bitching and help her as much as I can. I'm reaching out to other groups of people so she'll have the chance to meet a bunch of new friends. I just hope that it goes well.
Alright, now that that is off my chest I think maybe, perhaps, I'll go do something to get her room started. Maybe.

Quote of the day: "We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship." ~Omar N. Bradley
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tips

The Container Store is having their annual Shelving Sale right now. 25% OFF! Elfa instillation is also 25% off. It's ending pretty soon, meaning the 17th! This is one of my favorite sales because there isn't much maintenance that needs to be done to the store and it's so easy for the customer to just come in and say "I want that." and then I go and grab it for them from the back. Quick and painless. Unless of course we're out of stock. But even then, they just order it. Anyway, my pick from the shelving sale this year is going to be the Connections Shelving. It's quite possibly one of the easiest solutions. It doesn't require any tools at all. There are two uprights that you place the shelves on and wah-la you have a shelving system. There is a bunch of different ways for you to put it together and it can fit in any room.
Those are just a few examples of what can be done. The Library, media center, and work station. The uprights are made out of tubular steel with a powder coated finish. Shelves are made with an ebony-finished Ash veneer and can hold up to 75 pounds each. My recommendation is that if you purchase the tall uprights, come with a large car. They will not fit into a sedan. I've tried and it did not work out. They had to come back with a minivan. Check out the sale, there are tons of other items that could fit your taste, style and needs.
Once the sale is over with we start Gift Wrap Wonderland!!! (GWW) We go in on the 18th and begin set up. It will officially begin on the 20th. Which means run to get your wrapping paper and stocking stuffers because we will sell out. We've been getting phone calls the past 2 weeks asking about them.

Okay with all of that said.... Happy Organizing!!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Real Quick

Boston was well....okay. We left New York and got to Mass. 5 hours later. There was traffic from the second we left. We were in NYC so of course we were expecting traffic til we got out of there but not butt to butt traffic the ENTIRE way. However, Mother Nature was on our side and was having a complete meltdown over Boston so the game was rained out. The hotel was beautiful, as it was Hilton and had a glass roof. We had a personal chauffeur to the train station. And then met a creepy guy who wouldn't stop asking us where we were going and following us around. I wanted to just ignore him, but Chancho kept talking to him as to not to be "rude". All I wanted to do was push the blue emergency button. Thankfully the creep was going in the opposite direction so he didn't get on our train. We were completely lost so every step of the way we were asking someone for help, mind you we were wearing our Yankee jerseys. We got starred at. Commented on, but never really had any nasty comments. We met up with our friend who moved to Boston a few months go and had dinner across the street from the stadium til they called it a Postponed game. It was obviously a Red Sox bar that we were eating at and while Chancho and our friend left to go the bathroom, I sat awkwardly in the booth hoping no one would say anything. The table across from us kept starring and smiling at me. I was waiting for them to say something so I was going over in my head all the comebacks I could shout at them in my defense, but they thankfully waited until Chancho came back before saying anything. From the bar we traveled to another bar somewhere else and sat quietly at the bar having drinks. Saturday we got lost trying to find the Quincy Market in the heart of Boston. Finally when we got there I enjoyed some great food and frozen yogurt. It was a good afternoon, absolutely beautiful out. We had to get home soon after that though because we both had work on Sunday. So we got back on the road for home. This time it only took us 4 hours. Really it should only take 3. We stopped at the scene of an accident to help out a woman who had just crashed her car. She was okay, visibly shaken and had something coming out of her arm, but she was able to communicate and walk. There was another older couple who had stopped as well and were taking care of her. The woman who had caused the accident showed up and then tried to leave so I chased her down to make sure she wouldn't just drive off before giving a report. Once the state trooper showed up he told us to leave because we weren't involved. So that's what we did.
It is officially playoff season in the baseball world. My life has been revolving around the bars that show the games and tonight, Chancho and I will be attending game 3. If they don't clinch it tonight, we'll be at the stadium again tomorrow night.
I can't believe that we are already in October. Next week we'll be setting up for Gift Wrap Wonderland (GWW) at work. I'm working all 3 overnights. Every store should be completely set up on the 20th. And a reminder for anyone who's shopping it, it sells out fast! Don't procrastinate.
By this time next week, my roommate from college should be all moved in!
Foxy has gotten fixed so she's been walking around with her head in a cone. The poor girl.
That seems to be all the catching up for now. Sorry nothing too exciting. Off to pick up some kitty litter and then off to the game! Gooooo Yankees Gooooo!

Quote of the Day: "We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it." - John Lennon 
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