Monday, November 1, 2010

Raise the Hoof

TG and I haven't had much time to spend together since she's moved in. I think it's finally getting to her as today she's asked that we do something to get her out of the house. I also think that it's showing how much I've changed since I've left school. I hate to think it, but I may have grown up some. I have left behind my drinking habits and now am working crazy hours that keep me responsible. I can't just not show up. TG however, I feel like is still in that frame of mind and wants to go out drinking and having that college lifestyle still. So here I am learning to balance it all out. We did take a walk the other day together to give us something to do, but it is starting to get cold so we're going to run out of things to do that are free. Here's a few pictures from our walk.

This past weekend was a good one. I actually got to spend the entire day with Chancho on Friday. I don't think that we've been able to do that since....I can't remember when. I went to his class with him and then he got me Halal food. It's from a street vendor. I wasn't a huge fan of it. I think cause it was chicken, maybe if he had gotten me beef, I would have liked it better. When I get the beef next time, I'll decide. From there we went to get our Halloween costumes. Nothing was fitting me in the stores. I threw a tiny fit and wanted to go home. I was frustrated and tired. But I knew I needed a costume so I calmed down and put a smile on and ventured to another store to find something that did fit. Chancho of course was able to just fit into anything. As guy costumes are a one size fits all. They get it so easy. After finally finding something that fit, we headed home and Chancho took my parents, TG and I out for dinner. My mother is a nurse and she just took an exam to add a few more initials after her name. She passed! She didn't think she would, but she did so we took her out to a restaurant to celebrate. It was a great Italian place. That I want to go back to. Then...after dinner Chancho, TG and I headed over to a haunted walk. Our friend Zach had to be there as he's a volunteer firefighter in that town so we met up with him. He walked through with us and had TG on his arm the whole night screaming. It was freakin scary as hell! Chancho and I led the way. Chancho got scared at one point. Which I didn't expect. I almost pissed my pants at one point. It was a good night. I want to go back again next year, as scared as I was.
Saturday night, Chancho and I headed off to a coworkers party. I was a little nervous as to how it was going to go because I was the only one from work that was going, but it turned out to be a great night. Our costumes were a huge hit and everyone there was super friendly and had some good costumes as well. There was good food to keep Chancho happy. Here's a picture of our costumes The Milk Maid and her cow:
A fun filled weekend has come to an end and now another week continues on. I can't believe it's November. But that means only 4 weeks til my birthday!

Quote of the Day: "Put love into action. Words alone won't do it."
Listening to:  "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

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