Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Could Be Life Changing

I've kept this under wraps, but I applied for a job, as I have been for over a year now. And I finally got a call. And it wasn't a rejection! Woohooo! At first I had no idea who the lady was or what she was calling in reference to. I had to go back to my emails and see where I had applied to and what matched up with the voicemail. It turns out that I applied for a Milieu Counselor job. Today, I went to the interview. It is in a gated community so I had to ask the security guard to let me in and I had to ask for directions because I've never been on the campus before. He directed me the best he could and wished me luck. I pulled up to the building with the columns as he had described and called Chancho. I was nervous as all hell. I sat in the car in my newly purchased suit (from Chancho. Thanks babe!) and called Chancho for a few last minute words of encouragement. He told me I'd be fine and to get my butt in there. It would look good if I was early. As I was hanging up I heard a chorus of "Good Luck" in the background. He had told everyone in his office that I was going on an interview and they were wishing me luck. It made me smile as I left the car in search for where I was supposed to be. I walked up to a set of doors and they said to use the front entrance. I would if I knew where the front entrance was! So I went across to another set of doors. Same sign. I stood for a minute looking around feeling like an idiot and then walked out to a parking lot and turned to find huge ass green doors. Third times a charm, it was the front entrance. The lady behind the desk had me fill out another application, which I did the best with because I couldn't remember all of the addresses and phone numbers for everything, but whatever.
Then I had my interview. The lady was unbelievably nice. She was so laid back and did a ton of talking. She explained that I would be working with kids ranging from ages 7 to 20 years old that have been taken out of their homes because their home life was unfit or their parents abused them or there was substance abuse involved or some other traumatic experience that required them to leave their home. I would be in charge of a cottage on campus (there are 12 total) and in one cottage there are 16 kids. I wouldn't be working full time or part time, just on call as they need me. For now anyways because I don't have any experience. So this is me getting my feet wet. She encourages open communication so if I go home the first day crying, she wants to know. Before I can start, I need to go through all the necessary background checks, fingerprinting and drug tests. Then I need to complete a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention class that is 4 days long.
I am not going to lie, but I am nervous about starting this job. I'm nervous because I obviously don't have any experience in this field other than the classes that I've taken in school and that isn't nearly enough to prepare me for what I have in store, but I do know that I want to help these kids. I know that it can be a very rewarding opportunity for me. Am I scared for what's to come? Hell yes I am. Am I excited? Beyond excited. I am ready to see what I am capable of and what else is out there beyond retail.
I was explaining to my mother today about what this job and what is expected of me and unfortunately, I didn't get any support from her. In fact, it was all negative responses. Not one good thing came out of her mouth. I should have expected that from her as she is a hard, honest, cold, person, but I did want some sort of encouragement. I guess that is why I have loving friends and a wonderful boyfriend to say all of those things I need to hear. I can't let her negativity get in the way of what I feel is right for me at this time. Even if it isn't and I wind up deciding after a week that I am not fit for it, then I know. I tried and gave it my best. I can put it on my resume and look towards other things. But for now, this is what I want and I'm going in head first.
TG and Chancho took me out to Olive Garden tonight to celebrate. It was a great night involving wayyyy too much eating.
Quote of the Day: "Never dwell on the past & don’t allow the future to scare u, because it will crush the happiness of your present."


  1. Hey chicklet, while I'm not known for "supportive" I can say this - a person with a heart for helping can always do good. If you have the heart (and I think you do, but honestly, I don't actually KNOW you) then you can succeed.

    Moms are weird sometimes. Let that go and move on with this awesome opportunity. Keep us in the loop!!!

  2. Good luck! I have a father like that. So in turn, I just don't tell him anything. I love him but I avoid his negativity at all costs. I rarely invite him for dinner because he doesn't know what good taste is and openly complains if he doesn't like something. Instead, I cook for a boyfriend who will eat anything. :) So...I know how it is.

    Good luck, girly!

  3. I'm so behind on my blog reading... I'm really happy for your new opportunity! Congratulations :)