Sunday, January 2, 2011

The best way to start the New Year?

By being surprised by Chancho of course. The day went as so...
I was over at Chancho's house hanging out with him before he had to head in to work. I knew right off the bat that he would not be spending New Years with me. He hasn't the past 2 years either, he always is called in to work Times Square duty. I was just thrilled to be with him before hand. I got my New Years kiss before he left for work.
I went home and started getting ready for my New Years plan. TG and I were planning on going to my best friends house for the evening. She was throwing a party for all of our friends. I had plenty of time to get ready as TG was still at work and I was waiting for her to get home. All the while, Chancho was texting me messages letting me know that he got to work safely and that he was being sent out to his station for the evening. He even sent me a text telling me that he had forgotten his gloves and was standing in a hotel to keep warm before he had to be out for the ball drop.
TG got home and quickly got ready. A friend of ours stopped over and we walked down to the party. It had taken us a little longer than we had thought because TG was stuck at work, but we got there none the less. I'm in the living room chatting with some friends when I hear a bunch of people screaming in the kitchen. I slowly make my way over to see what everyone is screaming about and it's Chancho. He's standing in the kitchen!! He made it all up just so he would be able to surprise me.
As the ball dropped, entering 2011, I was in his arms getting THE BEST New Years kiss. He then looked at me and said he had picked out the date, what he was going to say and the plan to how he was going to ask me to marry him. heart had melted and eyes became teary
The next day we quickly recovered from our nights partying, with eggs, bacon and pancakes and headed into the city to look at the tree and engagement rings! However, the plan was a bit foiled because it was a Saturday and the diamond district is closed on Saturdays. Womp Womp We were able to look at Saks Fifth Avenue a bit, but we've made plans to go in again sometime this month, not on a Saturday.
Rockefeller Tree 

(When I get the pictures from the camera, I'll post better ones!)
Happy 2011 to everyone!!! Be healthy, be safe, be happy and enjoy yourself!

Quote of the day: "Be grateful for everything. Just enjoy every moment for none of it will happen the same way again. Remember, even great things expire." 
Listening to: "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk


  1. Wait!!! He didn't ask you? He told you he was going to but not WHEN? OH MY GOSH!!!!! How exciting (and nervewracking)!!!

  2. Wowwww. This just melted my heart and gives me hope as to how my boyfriend might surprise me when I least expect it. Congratulations!!!! Sounds like this year is going to be a great one for the two of you.

  3. What a tease! ;) That is so exciting! I didn't realize that you guys had talked about marriage. That's awesome!

  4. CONGRATS!!! Oh I'm so happy for you. Good luck, and you MUST share all the deets ASAP! <3

  5. Aaaaaaah!!!! This is great!!! I can't wait to hear how it all goes down. I am really impressed with all the made up stuff he did to surprise you on new years. What a great guy. :)