Monday, January 31, 2011

House Update


Backing up to last week we got pre-approval for our mortgage and were able to figure out what our max loan would be and placed our first bid on the Wisner house. We put it in low, but not too low that they didn't think we weren't serious, and never heard back. We called up our Realtor and asked what the deal was thinking that they weren't going to accept the offer at all. Our Realtor asked us to come see him that Saturday to discuss our options and to look at another house.
This past Saturday we went up with Chancho's mother and sister to look at another house and to see what we could do about getting them to accept our offer on the Wisner house. After looking over all of the options, we decided to place a higher bid and see if they would accept. The owners are selling their house because they're building a house in a 55+ community. However, the house won't be ready until June. So in placing the bid we also offered that they could live in the house until their new house is ready if they pay our monthly mortgage payment for every month they're there.
This morning we heard back and they accepted the offer! They didn't like the part about paying our mortgage so we decided to charge them the going rate for a 3 bedroom in that area. Once they accept that we can start planning for the home inspection. We'll have to work out the kinks in the contract after the inspection is done. I am so excited! I can finally start looking at furniture and paint colors for all the rooms. This is so surreal. I can't believe that this is happening. 

This is the Wisner house that will soon be ours.

In the midst of all this, it's been snowing like crazy. We have so much snow we can't see over the snow mounds at the corner of every street. I am so sick of shoveling snow and shoveling the car out when it gets stuck. And we have more snow coming tomorrow night. This cruise can't come soon enough. We got our packet in the mail with our itinerary and boarding passes. So much going on this month!

Quote of the Day: "When life finds you down on your knees, remember you are in a great place to pray."


  1. Woot!!!! How exciting for ya'll. Keep us in the loop!!!

  2. I love it! And I'm so jealous of the shutters. I have shutters on mine...sort of. I live on a corner and the wind has pulled some of them down. I have tried reattaching them a few times to no avail. Sigh.

    Anyway, I love your shutters...all attached and stuff. ;)