Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bon Voyage!

This cruise couldn't come at a better time. The tension in the house is high. The moment you step up to the front door you can tell that something is off and once you step in you are suffocated by it. My parents are having a very difficult time with me moving away into a house with a boyfriend. They want us married. They want us to wait to move into a house. We are doing everything backwards. At least I'm not pregnant. That would probably put them over the edge. Chancho and I want to make them happy, but at the same time, I do not want to crush my dreams of the wedding I've had in my head for 23 years. Compromises need to be made, mostly on my end, but there are some things that I won't budge on and that needs to be okay.
The other night they were saying that I need to enjoy the cruise because when I get back my life won't ever be the same again. They wouldn't divulge any other info as to what they were referring to, which drove me nuts. It's like saying "I have something to tell you." and then walking away. It's something that drives people crazy. I'm trying to push it out of my head so it doesn't ruin my vacation with me constantly wondering what they're talking about. TG thinks they're secretly planning our wedding and will have it all ready for us when we get back. Chancho is hoping that they were discussing giving him my grandmother's wedding ring to give to me. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there, but for me, I think they're just trying to mess with my head. They haven't been very happy about this and are really trying to talk me out of it. Which I am refusing to do. This is what I want, no matter how wrong it may be in their eyes. I'm not asking them to agree with my decisions, but I would like them to at least come to terms with it. I am their baby and this is the first big rebellion that I've had. I've always done what they've asked. Now, I'm going against their biggest morals.  I think they thought I would be the child that did everything right.
I am leaving tonight after work. I've got everything packed and am leaving all the stress, anxiety and frustration home. I'm bringing my camera + 2 memory cards so expect tons of pictures when I get back and who knows what else! But I'll be sure to fill you all in!

Quote of the Day: "If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything." - Win Borden

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  1. Hmmmmm....

    first thought is that they're trying to mess with you. I hope not. :(

    Second thought is: CHICKLET you are a grown-ass-woman! I understand wanting acceptance and blessings, but they need to know that this is YOUR life. If they'd like it to be theirs, they are more than welcome to pay for the entire wedding, buy you a house when it's time and support you financial (not help. support) until you're married. Parents can't have it both ways.

    Sorry, that sounded mean, but in my head I was just sounding supportive :) HAVE FUN ON THE CRUISE!!!!