Friday, April 12, 2013

Happiest Day of My Life

I never got around to posting pictures from our wedding, which happened almost a year ago! I CANNOT believe it flew by that fast! I am still working on our wedding album. It has been the most frustrating/time consuming task! I decided not to pay the photographer to do our albums to 1: save money and 2: I don't think I can let someone else organize an album to my satisfaction.
The photographer took over 700 photos and then we have bout another 500+ from family & friends to sort through. Ugh. How do you pick out your favorites?? So here are ones that I can share.

Our Tables (Flowers by my mother)

The Dress!


Cocktail Hour centerpieces

The Rings!

With this ring...

You may kiss the bride!
My father walking me down the asile

Mother/Son Dance
Father/Daughter Dance

Autographed Baseball Wedding Present by Joe Girardi

Finally ready

Place Cards - Flip rock for Table #
All the women in our family (Mother, sister, me, sister-in-law)

Back to working on the album....

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