Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scanner Radio

I recently downloaded a scanner app on my phone.
I think this may be adding to my insanity.
I've always wondered what went on during Chancho's shifts and always wanted something to turn to when he doesn't answer the gazillion text messages from me freaking out wondering if he's ok. However, I've always steered clear of scanners. I thought that it would be too much information.
A close friend of ours who happens to be a firefighter has a scanner and a few lazy nights here and there we would turn it on for shits and giggles. Now that we've moved into the boonies, I don't have that option readily available...or I didn't, until now.
Here's the sad part. I don't recognize Chancho's voice over the radio. He has a "cop" voice. He's pulled this "cop" voice out a few times and I am not a fan of it. It scares the crap out of me. I would not want to be dealing with him if I were breaking the law. Which, I suppose, is a good thing for him to have. So while I am glued to this scanner during his shift, I listen and I listen and then I space out and then I think I hear him, but wait, oh no, not him. I can't say that I've actually heard him speak on the radio more than twice because of this "cop" voice. It's driving me crazy! Here I am thinking that it would help me ease my anxiety by filling in those gaps of silence, but no, there's even more silence because I can't figure out what call he's on either! Oy.
I need to uninstall this app.

Quote of the Day: "Live and let live. Do not judge. Take it as it comes. Deal with it. Everything will be okay." - James Frey

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