Thursday, July 30, 2009

Never Enough Time

There is always that feeling of there never being enough time in the day. We had a wonderful time yesterday. Some good and some not so good. The good involved drinking, partying and spending the night together. All of which is not something that happens very often.

I'll start with that Chancho got out at 3pm instead of 7pm. Either of which I would have been thrilled about because with his usual shift he gets home by 1am. We were able to have lunch and dinner together like a normal couple. We stopped off at the liquor store and because it was a Wed. there was a law enforcement discount....a lousy $2 and change. It didn't even cover tax. Why even bother saying there is a discount?? Senior citizens got a bigger discount! Doesn't that seem strange? I'm not going to go and continue to complain, because we all know that police officers get discounts when there shouldn't be any discounts to begin with so I guess it all works out in some way.

In the course of the night I once again had a hard knock of reality. Chancho informed me while we were discussing going out to clubs that he was not allowed to go to a few places under the orders of his superiors. Which, in all honesty, is not a huge deal, but it does make me realize that even though I'd like to think that he can do whatever he wants, he can't. It all comes down to those few officers that cannot keep their guns away and can't control themselves while they are out that it ruins it for others. It had me thinking about how if the group of my friends wanted to go to the places that he can't go to, that would be added to the list of "do it alone". I'm trying my best not to struggle with that concept. I never was one to need someone to do things with me, but growing up in a household where I constantly saw my mother going to things without her husband and dragging me along instead, I never wanted that for me. One of the things that keeps me from running in the other direction is that I know his shift won't always be crappy hours and the higher up he gets in the force the better chances he has in recieving the days that he wants off. He also isn't my dad who constantly shields himself from the public. It's not anything that I can't learn to live with and I'm already learning.

We are both countingdown the days until our vacation. We are in desperate need of alone time and a breather from him worrying about work. Due to the both of us struggling financially b/c of student loans and the high insurance bills we don't get to have the leisure lifestyle that we'd like. So this vacation will be very nice, even if it does put us down in our savings. I say it will be worth it. He has been working overtime shifts and doing paid details on his days off. Which only means less time for us. A 2 day gettaway in Rhode Island by the beach in a bed and breakfast is something to keep us going. 2 weeks away now! :) Then after we get back from that. We go camping. A double date camping trip if you will. It will be the first time Chancho will be camping. I'm pretty excited to show him how fun it can be. The campground is near the beach as well so that will keep him occupied if nothing else does.

Now only for these 2 weeks to hurry up so I can truly relax!

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