Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Beginning

As a first, I would like to begin with a preview of what I hope to accomplish in creating this blog. This is a 2nd blog for me, but the 1st in which I hope to actually continue. I want to write about things, that the people in my life do not usually understand, as they are not in a similar situation as me. As well as sharing some pictures here and there when I see fit.
I date a cop. One who has fulfilled my every hopes and dreams of someone whom I'd want to be with. However, the catch to the great find, is that he is a cop. Not to knock down the great job that he does, because he is an excellent officer, yet it does add a new dimension to a relationship that I'm not sure everyone understands. So I intend to take those frustrations out here in hopes that someone will be able to try and clarify or at least relate to what I am going through. If anything this will help me when I feel like a friend can't help. I am new to the police life, (only a year in) learning day by day what comes with this lifestyle and I find that it helps to have a criminal justice degree. It definitely gives me some background and some familiar ground to go off of when he speaks in "cop lingo".
I feel as though I have tons to write about in this first post, but I will end it here in that in a rare occurrence Chancho (as I'll refer to the cop I date) is home during daylight hours and I must take advantage of this!

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