Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

Spoke with the lawyer a few days ago and we got our tentative closing date for May 15th. Tentative as it could take a few weeks to get everything ironed out. It doesn't matter to me because we can't move in until the last week of June anyways. It is nice to have things rolling again after they were put on hold because of the vacation. I have a feeling this will come a lot quicker than expected.
I went to Macy*s one day sale and bought some plates, bowls, and mugs. Then went back the next day with Chancho and we bought a 10 piece set of pots and pans. We figured we might as well start to slowly build up our inventory of things that we need to survive the first few days of living in an empty house. We also stopped in to Crate and Barrel to buy some cups. My sister works for Crate and Barrel and because she loves me so much she's gonna hook us up with some silverware :) I have a small pile going in the corner of my room of all the stuff that we're going to need to pack up and I'm loving it. Seeing that pile every day reminds me that this is actually happening. What I didn't like was I opened my closet and realized that I needed to put all of that stuff into boxes. I have a ridiculous amount of things that need to be packed. I'm debating if I should do that now or later....
We're buying our furniture tomorrow from Bob's Discount Furniture. We'll have at least a couch waiting for us when we move in. 
Bob's Discount Furniture's Vise Versa sectional
Chancho has taken on a ton of overtime to help pay for all this new furniture. I said goodbye to him yesterday as all of his days off will be spent working from now until who knows when, but it's all for the house. And I know that I'll see him every now and again when the Yankees start up again on the 31st. He always makes time to go to Yankee games.

Quote of the Day: "It hurts to find out that what you wanted doesn't match what you dreamed it would be." ~R.K. Milholland

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