Monday, March 28, 2011


Things have been going so amazingly smoothly for the past month and I've been so happy that it was only a matter of time for things to start spiraling downwards. I may be a little pessimistic and depressed about this, but today has just not been a good day.
This morning was a bit of a huge disaster at work. The spark notes version is this: The night crew did not complete their tasks and in fact only half assed it, so not only did I have to do their work this morning, I had to do double the work to fix their mistakes. I pride myself on being efficient, quick and accurate when doing my job. I live by the phrase "If a task is once begun, never leave it till its done. Be thy labor great or small, do it well or not at all." It really helps me do what I need to do and I make sure it's done right. Otherwise, you have to come back and do it again right, wasting everyone's time. Anyways, we were way behind schedule and my supervisor was having a mental breakdown. I have never seen her act the way she did before. She was crying, muttering under her breath and then laughing hysterically. I didn't know if I should run and hide or laugh. So I diverted my attention to the job at hand and kept telling myself to stay positive.We were able to finish just as the store was opening because we had a few extra hands to help out (thank goodness). I did have to stay 2 hours after to put on the finishing touches, if you will. 
I tried reading when I got home to help calm my mind from such a crazy morning, but wound up sleeping for about 3 hours. When I woke up I had a few texts from Chancho. The last one saying "Call me when you wake up please." That's never a good sign. Him wanting me to call him while he's at work. It always means he has something to tell me that is serious and needs to explain to me. And sure enough he needed to tell me that we might not get our dream house after all. They had the appraisal done and it came in under the price that we're buying it for. Therefore, the bank won't give us the loan that we need. They will only give us the loan for the amount that the house was appraised for. Our options aren't very hopeful. We will 1. have to come up with the difference in cash ourselves, 2. ask the owners to bring down the selling price, 3. hope that the we can use some of the money we put aside for closing costs. 
None of those options seem very realistic. The first option is just out of the question. We can't afford to spare any money at this point without having to go into debt in 3 months. The second option is a reach, but we're pretty sure the owners don't like us. Plus they have backed out on us before. There is a tiny hope that they want to just keep going and will help us out on that. The third option is very unlikely because we have no idea what the closing costs are and won't until the actual day. If we can't afford it we loose whatever money we put down already. 
Just a long day full of disappointments and discouraging news. I've been on such a happy high that this brought me back to reality of how quickly things can turn. Chancho has been supportive as usual saying that we will get this house and even if it doesn't happen, he responded with my motto of everything happens for a reason and we will get a house we love just as much. I did say that if this all does go way downhill and we wind up losing the house, we won't be looking in Middletown any longer. We'll be searching somewhere else.  But that is the worst case scenario. 
Tomorrow will be better.

Quote of the Day: "I asked God for strength and he gave me obstacles to overcome so I can build that strength myself."
Listening to: "Piano Man" by Billy Joel


  1. Tomorrow will be better :) sending lots of good vibes,things will work out,hang in there!

  2. Sellers never like their buyers and vice versa. Don't take it personally.

    Can you use the money you set aside for closing costs and ask the sellers to cover closing? In other words, they get their asking price but have to cover the closing for you. You'd be surprised how a creative agent can make things work.