Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Wondering

I'm guessing that this is probably holiday number ... after being together for 3 years and there being roughly 12 holidays that family usually gathers for, it comes to about 36...okay now that the math is out of the way, you would think that family would understand the concept of a police officers work. That someone needs to be out protecting the streets, EVEN, during a holiday. So why do I still get that question of "Really? On insert holiday name he's working??" I hate having to smile back and say, "Yes, even on insert said holiday, he is working." I really want to respond with a punch to the face and "Yes, you idiot, nothing has changed. And yes, it does suck that he's not here, so stop asking."
So I ponder, when do you think it will sink in with the family that Chancho will most likely be absent from holiday gatherings 95% of the time? And dare I ask when they'll stop with the dumb question?
I am grateful that my immediate family understands and assume he won't be joining us, but ask if there's any way to accommodate his schedule with making a to-go plate or save dessert for him.

P.S. Chancho has lost a total of 13 pounds!

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