Monday, April 18, 2011

In Need of Power

Saturday we had a big thunderstorm pass through. I was over at Chancho's place getting ready to fall asleep when this huge ka-boom went off. I never heard anything as loud as that before in my life. The power went out. It fried his tv. He still doesn't have one. I'm not sure how he's surviving. I get back to my place the next day after work and not having charged my phone I went to use the house phone. Womp doesn't work. I try and get on the internet, that doesn't work either. And neither does the tv. The Verizon guy came today and fixed it. The box got fried. I guess lightening hit it.
My power cord to my computer doesn't work anymore either, but that was on it's last leg to begin with. Thank goodness for my smartphone!
This morning at work, I was put on the team to work in the stockroom with the guys. It usually is heavy metal that needs to be put away, hence why guys usually are on the team, but on occassion a select few girls are out back there. Me being one of them. I don't mind because it gives me a work out. However, today I wound up dropping a package of about 20, 4ft long closet rods on my head. My head is a bit sore. No concussion, just bruised, along with my ego, as I had to be pulled out off the stockroom team to go ice my head. I couldn't keep up with the guys. Oh well.

Quote of the Day: "None of us would have anything to live for if we didn't have something worth dying for" ~ Anthony Giddens

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