Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Home on the Range

It has been a crazy last couple of days. We bought our house! We bought one that is a lot closer and a lot smaller than the original one that I had posted about. This house has a lot more potential and is the right size for us right now. It is just us and no kids. For now. It is situated a block away from a lake and is in a rural area. We like to think of this as a vacation. It is ridiculously quiet here. We can hear the water flowing from the lake, birds chirping and gun shots from hunting game, not people.
We closed on Friday and that night we got a uhaul, packed up our life and moved into our beautiful house. Our friend Zack helped us out tremendously. Without him we probably wouldn't had finished by Friday night like we did. Plus he was great for helping Chancho with the heavy stuff. My weak girl arms were of little help.
But we are all moved in, with a few boxes left to unpack. Which are of my clothes. Chancho took up the entire dresser and half the closet with his clothes. So until we figure out if we're buying another dresser or if he's donating clothes i'm living out of boxes and suitcases. I never knew his uniform could take up so much damn space! He has been working doubles the past 3 days so make up for all the money we spent on closing costs and just stuff we needed to move in. We are pretty broke at this point. We still haven't set up our internet and cable yet. (Blogging from my phone)
It's driving me crazy not to have anything.
But i'm extremely happy to be in our new home and being able to come home to my finance at night. It's one of the best feelings in the world. I'll post pictures once we get internet.

Quote of the Day: "Have patience with all things, but most of all with yourself." ~ St. Francis de Sales

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  1. Hey, CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting, and such an accomplishment! May you have many wonderful and happy years in it.