Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh Hey

Yeah, I know. September was the last post. Yikes. I guess I'll do a quick, as quick as I can, recap of all the major events.

Chancho was involved in a terrible accident. The freak snow storm which knocked the power out for a week and forced us to use our fireplace for the first time was the cause. Chancho still needed to go in to work, which was the reason behind why he was on the hazardous roads. He hit a spot of black ice and the rest was history. His car was declared totaled. We were without a car and out money to buy a new one. Thankfully, he wasn't injured and everyone involved made it out alive. I think it was an eye opener for how dangerous it can be and how you may think you have control, but in reality, a car is a machine that can have a mind of it's own.

A small group of us, decided it was time to bury my grandmother, next to her husband. We took a trip to the cemetery one Wed. It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining and the air was crisp. My aunt played a few songs from her boom box and a few words were shared along with a few tears. As we were preparing to leave, we noticed a hawk was flying above us over the mountain that was next to the cemetery. My aunt said that when we buried my grandfather, she noticed the same thing. 

Chancho took his Sergeants test. He thinks he did well. Only time will tell.
I served my first Thanksgiving dinner. It was just for my dad, and Chancho showed up after, but it was still a great time. I managed to cook the turkey too soon, but everything else turned out great. I was getting the house ready for dinner and as I was bringing the folding table up from the basement I smashed my head on the ceiling. I could feel the pain ringing through my spine. I shook it off and continued to have a wonderful night. The following night, however, the swelling from the bump on my head took it's toll. I woke up in excruciating pain. It felt like I had a charlie horse in my neck. I was yelling and crying from the pain. I couldn't move my neck. Chancho woke up and wanted to take me to the hospital. (I don't do doctors) I had him grab a warm washcloth and I placed it on my neck to ease the pain. I also loaded up on Tylenol. I was down and out for a good 4 days.

Christmas was interesting this year. I baked my presents as we were very short on cash. The wedding plans have really drained our bank accounts. I made about 10 batches of magic cookie bars. Christmas on Long Island was the last in my Grandmother's house. She had placed it on the market. I've been going to this house my entire life. It was the house my mother grew up in and her father built. Everyone was able to make it and by the end of the night, after a few too many glasses eggnog, my cousin began to cry, realizing this was the last Christmas. End of a era.

Christmas for my father's side was extremely difficult. The first holiday is always rough. A few too many drinks were had by all, but it was a great Christmas to be surrounded by family. My aunt received a car. Yes, just like on those commercials that you think to yourself "Who does that? No one gives a car for a Christmas present." We all trekked outside to the garage and once it was opened, there was a brand new car saying Merry Christmas!!

Christmas for our immediate family was difficult in a different way. We couldn't find a day that worked with every one's schedule. So we celebrated a few days after the fact. We all got what we wanted and more. This is a Christmas I'll never forget, as it was the Christmas that my parents gave us all our inheritance from my grandmother. We were all under the impression that we used all of her money to keep her comfortable and happy up until the end. But we each received a red envelope with a card stating that the check enclosed was from Nan. That now that she was gone, this money would be for all of the birthdays and holidays that she would have given us money for. So we are to think of her during those times. It was just what we all needed. My sister just bought a house, we have the wedding and my brother is expecting twins.

I started a babysitting job for 11-year old twin girls, increasing my income by a lot! Goodbye money stress!

We rescued a kitten from the freezing cold. Named him Tommy because Chancho found him in a tomato plant. Tommy the Tomato. He is a rascal. I am having trouble dealing with his naughtiness.

Chancho surprised me again on New Years. He said he was working, but showed up to the party and I got a New Years kiss. The last one I'm sure for many years as, he most likely won't have the day off again.

I became an aunt on January 17th! 2 months early EM & EW arrived in this world! My sister-in-law's water broke for the girl(EM), but the boy(EW) was stubborn refusing to come out. She wound up having a c-section. Everyone did very well. It was a little touch and go for the twins while they were in the NICU, but they pulled through just fine. After about 3 weeks in the hospital they were able to go home.

Valentine's day Chancho took me to Peter Luger in the city for a wonderful, delicious, steak dinner.

And now: 

Things are going. We have wireless, which makes this blogging thing so much easier now. I can sit on the couch in comfort and be in the flow of things. Wedding plans are rapidly wrapping up and I am quickly feeling like this wedding will be here before I know it (4 months away). I have a ton of posts saved up. I just have to get to it. Glad to be back!

Quote of the Day: "We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." ~ Joseph Campbell