Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Week In

We've survived a week of Chancho's midnights. It's weird. It's messed up my routine. It's been a rough week. Chancho seems to be adjusting just nicely as he is back to his life of sleep. I think that bother's me the most. He doesn't do anything else, but sleep now. He is home by 9am and quickly falls into a deep sleep, not to be woken again until 5pm. He then leaves for work around 9:30pm. He does do a wonderful job of cooking dinner for us before I get home. I know it's just been one week and the body doesn't adjust that quickly, but this is a flashback to his other shift and how he always just slept. It irritated the crap out of me.  I also think, it coincides with the horrible week that I have had.
I am back into the full swing of things with work. (5am -2pm) I am trying very hard to become full time and have been putting out every effort to do so, only to be pushed back down and told to try harder. There are only so many times a girl can get kicked down before not getting back up. My review will be in 2 weeks. We'll see then, what happens. I am also back to babysitting the kids from a nightmare producing movie. (2:30pm-7:30pm) When I watch them, all of my energy is sucked out of me and I become very angry at the world. The mother has just hired a new tutor to work with them every day and that has added some tension to the mix as well.
At least, I'm still kicking, we're still married and I have a honeymoon to look forward to. I spent today shopping for the cruise and taking a me day. To recuperate from the stressful week. I've regained a positive energy and am ready to tackle another week.
Here's to hoping it goes as smoothly as my mind can handle it!

We did get a few pictures from our photographer back. Here is one that I can share:

Quote of the Day: "Love, being in love, isn’t a constant thing. It doesn’t always flow at the same strength. It’s not always like a river in flood. It’s more like the sea. It has tides, it ebbs and flows. The thing is, when love is real, whether it’s ebbing or flowing, it’s always there, it never goes away. And that’s the only proof you can have that it is real, and not just a crush or an infatuation or a passing fancy." -Aidan Chambers

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