Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Visiting the Motherland-In-Law

We just took a very much needed 3 week vacation to Peru. Chancho is from Peru. He was born there and came to America at the age of 9. I was thrown in to the thick of things right from the beginning of the trip. (Side note: I don't speak an ounce of Spanish.) My SIL planned the entire trip for us, which was a great relief for me. I just showed up at the time and place and enjoyed every second of it.
Backing up a bit. Chancho was promoted to Sergeant back in August, but didn't get his new precinct until September. With his new precinct came his new shift. He is now working midnights. Wonderful. We are literally working opposite schedules. I am out of the house by the time he gets home and I have a solid 3 hours with him after I am done with my job, before he leaves for his. So, this new lifestyle has been a bit challenging for, at least, me. I've said it before, I'll say it again, we were SPOILED, with his last position as a Domestic Violence officer. I miss it. Greatly. Even though this new life has just started for us, I need solid alone time with my new husband. And that's exactly what we got. For 3 weeks we were right beside one another 24/7. We even had the pleasure of sleeping in his childhood twin bed!
We flew out of JFK on Valentine's Day. An early morning 5 hour-ish flight to Panama City. Then connected there for a 3 hour-ish flight to Peru.

To be continued....

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