Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Oh Hey there!"

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the Yankees. And it so happens that I went to a game last week, or was it two weeks ago? Anyways, I had great seats, amazing seats! I was located on the field level behind Nick Swisher. He could hear me when I yelled out. If I actually yelled out that is. It was ridiculously hot out, I was sweating balls sitting in the shade. My shorts were soaked through and sticking to the padded seats. Yep, field level seats are indeed padded! I was so excited. Normally, this girl sits way up top in the nosebleed section because tickets are only $3-$7, but on this occasion my friend Zach had gotten us tickets from a friend. (For Free!) Since the tickets were free, I decided I could spend a million dollars on food and splurged on a sausage with onions and peppers, a bottled water and fries. I spent over $30! But I can accept that because if I did pay for those tickets they would have been well into the $300 dollar range so it evens out. At least in my mind.
There were a few home runs during the game, two in which landed 3 rows in front of me. I was more than likely on TV. I've tried searching for videos, but couldn't find any. If I had moved up I would have been in reach of grabbing either of the balls. One day...

Here are some pictures from the day:

CC walking across the field to warm up

Posada warming up

Yep, he's my favorite

My view from our seats

Again, our view of the field from our seats

Swisher catching a fly ball

Gardner's reaction the bleacher creecher's chant

Swisher's reaction

Cano's reaction

CC's first pitch

Yankee's winning!!
I can't wait to go back to another game. Hoping that they make it into the World Series again this year. It's almost that time of the year again.

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  1. I wish we had a team that we could get that excited about. People go to the Pirates' games for the fireworks and what band is playing afterwards. Sad. We have a pretty ballpark too.

    Thank God for football.