Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Time Alone

The Drive-In movie theatre night went great. We got there and pulled in just as the sun was setting. Chancho drove Mowgli aka his honda fit so we had a front row seat. Neither one of us had had dinner so we ventured over to the concession stand for dinner. This is what we ordered: One big bucket of popcorn, a hockey puck of a burger, popcorn chicken, two sides of fat fries and sodas. Finally settled into the car with the bucket of popcorn on my lap, with the cardboard case on top so I didn't drop my hamburger all over myself and our sodas precariously positioned in the middle console (the cup holders apparently don't hold cups bigger than small.) the radio starts talking. However, the screen is still blank in front of us. Turn to the left and that screen is still blank, turn to the right and that screen is the one talking to us. We pulled into the wrong section. So we had to reposition ourselves and drive over the right screen. Of course that would happen to us. We got to watch Going the Distance. It was cute. I laughed. That movie was for me the later showing was The Other Guys for Chancho, but we didn't wind up staying. He was too tired coming from a double the day before and working all day that day so we headed home. It's about a 45 minute drive home. I was happy.
Saturday, fight night, was alright. It was great seeing my siblings. I miss them and wish I lived closer to them. The fight was not worth it. In fact the commentators were apologizing for such a lame night. Chancho fell asleep during it and that was when I knew it was time for us to head home. We both had work early the next day and it was a hour and a half ride home. Happy I went though. I'm hoping for a better fight coming up on the 16th!
Now for the next adventure. We're driving up to Boston tomorrow. The Yankees play them tomorrow night and we got tickets! Wooohooo! The Yankees have once again made the playoffs, by some miracle. They have not been playing like the great Yankees, but I'll take it. We were supposed to leave today, but because Chancho had to miss class last week due to work, he can't miss it again this week so we're leaving directly after his class. I'll be going with him to class, or rather, sitting around while he's in class. Too bad I don't have a book for me to read.
In other news my roommate from college who came to visit last month is officially moving here!!! Two weeks away! I am beyond excited. I have to get her room ready for her, paint it, clean it out and buy new sheets. I'm also planning a surprise Welcome party for her. Give her a chance to meet a bunch of people so she has some familiar faces welcoming her. I also am a little nervous as to how this is going to effect Chancho and me. I'm definitely going to have to rework my time management skills because she's going to need a lot of support for the first couple of months that she's here, which means not a lot of time with Chancho. And I already don't get enough of that from him so we'll see how this turns out. I think that as long as we both can set aside one day out of the week where we are committed to seeing one another than we'll be fine. As I keep telling myself, it's just for right now and not forever.
With that being said I need to go pack for our mini vacay!

Quote of the Day: "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."
Listening to: "Better Than" by John Butler Trio

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