Saturday, October 9, 2010

Real Quick

Boston was well....okay. We left New York and got to Mass. 5 hours later. There was traffic from the second we left. We were in NYC so of course we were expecting traffic til we got out of there but not butt to butt traffic the ENTIRE way. However, Mother Nature was on our side and was having a complete meltdown over Boston so the game was rained out. The hotel was beautiful, as it was Hilton and had a glass roof. We had a personal chauffeur to the train station. And then met a creepy guy who wouldn't stop asking us where we were going and following us around. I wanted to just ignore him, but Chancho kept talking to him as to not to be "rude". All I wanted to do was push the blue emergency button. Thankfully the creep was going in the opposite direction so he didn't get on our train. We were completely lost so every step of the way we were asking someone for help, mind you we were wearing our Yankee jerseys. We got starred at. Commented on, but never really had any nasty comments. We met up with our friend who moved to Boston a few months go and had dinner across the street from the stadium til they called it a Postponed game. It was obviously a Red Sox bar that we were eating at and while Chancho and our friend left to go the bathroom, I sat awkwardly in the booth hoping no one would say anything. The table across from us kept starring and smiling at me. I was waiting for them to say something so I was going over in my head all the comebacks I could shout at them in my defense, but they thankfully waited until Chancho came back before saying anything. From the bar we traveled to another bar somewhere else and sat quietly at the bar having drinks. Saturday we got lost trying to find the Quincy Market in the heart of Boston. Finally when we got there I enjoyed some great food and frozen yogurt. It was a good afternoon, absolutely beautiful out. We had to get home soon after that though because we both had work on Sunday. So we got back on the road for home. This time it only took us 4 hours. Really it should only take 3. We stopped at the scene of an accident to help out a woman who had just crashed her car. She was okay, visibly shaken and had something coming out of her arm, but she was able to communicate and walk. There was another older couple who had stopped as well and were taking care of her. The woman who had caused the accident showed up and then tried to leave so I chased her down to make sure she wouldn't just drive off before giving a report. Once the state trooper showed up he told us to leave because we weren't involved. So that's what we did.
It is officially playoff season in the baseball world. My life has been revolving around the bars that show the games and tonight, Chancho and I will be attending game 3. If they don't clinch it tonight, we'll be at the stadium again tomorrow night.
I can't believe that we are already in October. Next week we'll be setting up for Gift Wrap Wonderland (GWW) at work. I'm working all 3 overnights. Every store should be completely set up on the 20th. And a reminder for anyone who's shopping it, it sells out fast! Don't procrastinate.
By this time next week, my roommate from college should be all moved in!
Foxy has gotten fixed so she's been walking around with her head in a cone. The poor girl.
That seems to be all the catching up for now. Sorry nothing too exciting. Off to pick up some kitty litter and then off to the game! Gooooo Yankees Gooooo!

Quote of the Day: "We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it." - John Lennon 
Listening to: "Basket Case" by Green Day

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  1. Around here, you could wear your NY shirt and nobody would think twice about it.

    It's if you wear a Pirates jersey that you might get comments and stares. So wish we had a decent baseball team...