Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tips

The Container Store is having their annual Shelving Sale right now. 25% OFF! Elfa instillation is also 25% off. It's ending pretty soon, meaning the 17th! This is one of my favorite sales because there isn't much maintenance that needs to be done to the store and it's so easy for the customer to just come in and say "I want that." and then I go and grab it for them from the back. Quick and painless. Unless of course we're out of stock. But even then, they just order it. Anyway, my pick from the shelving sale this year is going to be the Connections Shelving. It's quite possibly one of the easiest solutions. It doesn't require any tools at all. There are two uprights that you place the shelves on and wah-la you have a shelving system. There is a bunch of different ways for you to put it together and it can fit in any room.
Those are just a few examples of what can be done. The Library, media center, and work station. The uprights are made out of tubular steel with a powder coated finish. Shelves are made with an ebony-finished Ash veneer and can hold up to 75 pounds each. My recommendation is that if you purchase the tall uprights, come with a large car. They will not fit into a sedan. I've tried and it did not work out. They had to come back with a minivan. Check out the sale, there are tons of other items that could fit your taste, style and needs.
Once the sale is over with we start Gift Wrap Wonderland!!! (GWW) We go in on the 18th and begin set up. It will officially begin on the 20th. Which means run to get your wrapping paper and stocking stuffers because we will sell out. We've been getting phone calls the past 2 weeks asking about them.

Okay with all of that said.... Happy Organizing!!

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