Monday, July 11, 2011

House Living

2 weeks have gone by living in the house and I still love it. I think I would be worried and stressing if I didn't. Chancho hasn't been home much, at all. I'm not sure he's seen the house in the day light hours yet. However, I can't blame him because TG was supposed to be moving in with us and she has now backed out. Therefore instead of splitting the mortgage 3 ways, it's down to us two. Which is fine, we made sure we would be able to do that without relying on TG, but we may have spent a little more than we should thinking she would be splitting it with us. She told us yesterday that she wouldn't be moving in.
As far as the house goes, we had our lawn mowed, bought a tv, received a Yankee toaster from Chancho's sister, and finally got cable/internet! We have received a few house warming presents that I am very grateful for. I'm not gonna lie, we are incredibly broke right now and with these gifts, they are just what we need. They couldn't have come at a better time. They seem to know exactly what we needed, but then again, we need almost everything so anything would have been perfect. Ha.
I know I said in the last post I'd put up some pictures so here they are. These were taken prior to moving in. 
One of the two bedrooms

The one and only bathroom

The bay window in the Living Room

View of Living Room from Kitchen


The upstairs

The basement

Our cute little house

The lake
I have tried to start a routine to get myself back in the norm of things, but it's been difficult with work. I now have to be up at 3:45AM in order to be at work by 5am. My body is rebelling against it. And that's only 15 minutes earlier than when I had to be up before. When I get home I'm exhausted now and will sleep til about 4pm. The entire day is gone. I'm really upset with myself about that. So I'll have to see what I can do. I'm hoping my body starts to realize this isn't going to change will shape up. Speaking of shaping up. I have started to run, but I hate it here. The hills are ridiculous. I feel like I will die. I am running straight up and down, but the views are gorgeous. I run around the lake that is next to the house. The first time I went out for a run, I wound up getting lost. Thank goodness I was using my phone to track myself. I had to use the gps to get back home. What a laugh that was.
As far as an update on Chancho, he had a scare the other night. There are a few times when he doesn't come home, he sleeps at the pct now because the drive isn't worth it when he has to be to work early and he's working late. It happened to be the second night that he decided to stay over and work a midnight tour. It was the weekend of the 4th of July. So there were tons of people out and illegal fireworks. He had a partner, not his usual, since this was a sign-up overtime. He called to say that they were doing fine, avoiding large crowds because it was just the two of them and it wasn't worth it and he would see me the next day. Well I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling. I wasn't sure if it was being in the house alone or if I had a bad dream or what it was, but I text Chancho. Well what do you know he doesn't respond. You all know that feeling, that gut feeling that something just isn't right. I did all my usual sentences to calm myself down. It's his turn to nap, he'll be up in a half hour and respond. He's out talking to someone. His Lt. is there and can't respond. He just didn't hear the phone go off. He's ordering food. The list goes on, getting a little more ridiculous as the time passes. But he never responds. I eventually drift off to sleep knowing I have to be up early for work. The next morning still no word from him. I shoot him a quick text asking if he is okay, that I'm worried. He finally responds. He says, shit went down last night. 5 guys wound up in the hospital. My mind is going crazy. He's still working out the details from last night so his texts are short and sporadic. Not good for my wandering mind. All of those damn what-if's are flying through it.What I got out of the texts was that he and his partner responded to a call of back up. I hate those calls. That means shit is already flying off the wall. Cops showed up to disperse a loud and large crowd shooting off fireworks. They had asked them to just call it a night. Didn't even take the fireworks from them, just asked them to stop and move along. That was when some drunk fool started it all. The crowd charged the police officers and people in the buildings above helped them by throwing glass bottles down on them. 4 police officers were injured from the glass bottles (will be out for 4 weeks) and the 5th police officer was almost choked to death by a perp trying to get his gun. Chancho stepped in and stopped the guy. Chancho had to go to the hospital to get checked out. He had scrapes from glass as well, but not nearly as bad as the others. He is fine, he got an arrest from it and came home to me later that day. Thank the Lord.

Quote of the Day: "In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins … not through strength, but through persistence."

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  1. The house is adorable. Glad Chancho is okay. My boyfriend is an officer plus National Guard so I worry about him alot. Hopefully he and I will be living together soon. Also glad that things are going so well with the both of you.