Monday, July 25, 2011

Putting it Together

I think this is the first day where I'm not sweating while just sitting still. I woke up and shockingly needed a lite blanket on me. It's been brutal here and we've been going through water bottles like crazy. I've been putting water bottles in Chancho's hands every minute to make sure he's hydrated for the day. Sometimes I wish they were allowed to wear shorts on days above 85 degrees. I understand why it's dangerous, but I think it might be more dangerous not to wear them in that kind of heat.
Anyways, in this ridiculous heat, that I know I'll be missing in a few months, I've been making my way through the list of venues in search of the perfect place. Chancho was able to make it to one of the appointments and he loved one place. I did not agree. I think he just wants to get the planning on the way already. He keeps telling me to just book the place, "it's nice enough". Well sorry honey, but I need perfect. Luckily, I have an event planner at work that may be able to get us a great deal with a place that is out of our range. I hope she can work her magic and I can have the perfect place. My search continues for cheap save the dates, cheap invitations, and a great photographer. I'm anxious to have some more things completed. I'm starting to have trouble sleeping at night. Tons of thoughts rushing through my mind, from the guest list, what we can cut out to save money, to me getting a second job to pay for everything and have money to save.
One last thought. Chancho left his gun at home today. Thought that was odd seeing how he's a Police Officer and being a Police Officer, you NEED a gun to protect yourself. He reassured me he wouldn't be leaving his desk, only to attend a funeral for a fellow LEO's wife. Hope that he doesn't do that again.

Quote of the Day: "Don’t be flattered that he misses you. He should miss you. You’re deeply missable. However, he’s still the same person who broke your heart. Remember, the only reason he can miss you is because he’s choosing, every day, not to be with you." 
~ Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo
Listening to: "How Forever Feels" by Kenny Chesney


  1. Husband carries any and EVERY time he leaves the house. I'm surprised Chancho doesn't. Don't you guys live in the big city?

  2. Chancho has said he wants to buy a gun to have while not working, but never got around to it. We no longer live in the big city, but he does still work there! Scary thought to know he's there unarmed.