Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movin on Up

Chancho is officially an NYPD Sergeant. Yesterday, the memo came down and he was given his new precinct, or um, 2 precincts. He was given a Housing Bureau. Which means he is in between two precincts covering the housing developments. It is a Police Serving Area. So he is part of PSA _. There are several different numbers assigned to the PSA's. So PSA 7 or PSA 11, instead of saying he is from the 50th Precinct, he'll say he is from PSA _. Essentially, these housing developments are known to have high crime rates and are considered the projects. This is why they have their own police force within the precincts.
When Chancho was talking about where he would want to go, not that he is given a choice, but if he did have one, he said he would like to go to Manhattan South. The least likely place he would like to go? PSA. He is not very happy about this transfer and is already talking about the next test so he can get out. From what I've heard, I'm not thrilled either. Like I've said before, we were both extremely spoiled with his last position. Even though he was a domestic violence officer and that is considered to be one of the most dangerous positions, he was behind a desk for the majority of the time. I knew where he was and that he was safe. My mind was usually always at ease, expect for those few times he would be out doing home visits. Now, he will be out on the streets all the time. When we first started dating he was out on the streets and those feelings have returned. The uneasiness. He hasn't even started his first shift and already my stomach is in knots. I can recall all of the crazy stories he would share with me over the phone at 1am as he was getting home and I would sigh a relief each and every time that he was heading home safely. I did it before, I can do it again.
Today was the promotion ceremony at 1 police plaza. It was quick and to the point. I had a good time. They provided the promotee's and families with free food and drinks before hand and the ceremony was only an hour. Actually, it was probably less than that because we were out on the sidewalk by 3pm and it started at 2pm.
This weekend we'll be having a BBQ to celebrate all of his hard work and have one last hoorah before he starts his new position. Lots of family and friends will be joining.

Couple of pictures from today's event:
Just before the ceremony began.

NYPD marching band, which played while we waited.

Commissioner Kelly giving his speech. 

All 76 Sergeants being sworn in.

Had to place their plaques under their seats when they returned.

Wheeling his grandmother back to the car.

On the way home, found a NYPD boat.

Beautiful drive home.

Quote of the Day:
"Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those cards you hold well."

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