Monday, August 23, 2010

At the Drop of a Hat

Chancho's grandfather passed away Sunday. With that phone call, he was off to Peru. I got the two missed phone calls while I was at work. I quickly called back during my break and tried to figure out what I could do for him, but my shift didn't end until 7pm. He needed someone to drive him and his sister to the airport so I pleaded with my manager to let me go 5 hours early and he denied me. Then Chancho called to say that his sister forgot her passport! Of all things! I still could not leave early. I felt so helpless. I tried calling friends and family to see if they could help, but of course they were all working or not answering their phones. Luckily, they made it back to the airport on time, only to sit and wait 5 hours on the runway because the tower wouldn't let any planes leave. Then, to keep them waiting longer, the weather became a problem. They missed their connecting flight in Mexico. I got a phone call from him this afternoon. They're going sightseeing to pass the time because it doesn't leave until 5pm. (Hopefully they're leaving now.) 5 hours later they should be landing safely in Peru. The cremation is tomorrow afternoon along with the memorial service. His return flight is Thursday. I can't wait to give him a huge hug and kiss.
A picture of us from when my roommate was visiting.
What a world-wind week and a half. It's been a miserable day out today so I've been laying in bed, cuddling with Foxy and watching movies. I'm preparing for my busy week. I'm working all 7 days. In fact I don't have a day off until next Wed.
Getting his frustrations out while chopping wood with my dad - therapy session

Chancho starts graduate school this Friday. Another adventure for us. I can't believe that summer is finally coming to an end. I feel like it went by all too fast and I am not ready at all for the cold weather.

Quote of the Day: “Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again.” - Alex Tan
Listening to: "Kissin U" by Miranda Cosgrove


  1. That is indeed a crazy week! Condolences to Chacho and his family - what a rough way to begin that trip.

    And use this time for some deep breathing, and possibly getting something nice for yourself, like a new lip gloss or something. It won't cure anything, but it's a good little pick-me-up. I recommend this route for just about anything, really. You'll feel better soon, I promise.

    Good luck!

  2. how awful! I am so sorry for Chancho's family. What a week.

  3. Thank you ladies, I'll be passing the messages on to Chancho when I get a phone call from him.

    Pam Landy- Don't you know it, I already took to the comp for some online shopping therapy!

  4. So sorry for Chancho's loss and for your not being able to take him to the airport. I am the same way. I hate when the little things I want to do for people just don't work out.