Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fetching & Eggs

Foxy has officially begun to fetch. She started to do it on her own while I was laying in bed. She would just hop up onto it with a toy and play with it on the bed. I tossed it off because I didn't want her distracting me and she came back with it. I didn't notice what she was doing until about the 5th time that I tossed it off, getting even more annoyed, then it hit me, she was retrieving what I was throwing! So from that day on we were working with her to bring her toys to back us. She LOVES it! Right now her favorite toy is a crumbled up piece of paper. Go figure. The tinier the better. Next on the list is getting her to sit and stay. Then we'll see about getting her fixed so she can go outside! 

Here's a picture of the first egg I got to eat from our baby chicks! I now remember why I always hate eating eggs out, they just aren't as good!

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