Wednesday, August 4, 2010


5 Months later. My bed is finally in my room. Yesterday was the most productive day I've had in a really long time.
Monday morning I was up and out shopping for a mattress. Found one and got it sent to my house for Tuesday. The wonderful time from from 2-6pm. I had a shit load of work to accomplish before then.
Monday night Chancho and I tackled the task of removing an over-sized sleeper sofa out of my upstairs bedroom. Let me just say that there are only a few dents on the walls on the way down the stairs and the doorway is a little scratched up. But the couch is out of my room for good! I'm disappointed that we couldn't donate it, but I think someone may pick it up out of the garbage. It is just sitting on the side of the road. Along with the coach went my twin sized bed. Instead of fussing with it around the corners of the stairs, because my staircase isn't a straight shot upstairs, it has two sharp corners, we got a saw out and sawed the bed in half. It was hot and sticky that night so we called it a night and went to bed.
Tuesday morning I was up early, way too early for a day off, but Chancho had to be at the deli by 630am. I couldn't fall back to sleep. Plus, my room was a disaster.

I started to tackle this mess and bed building around 9am after I got myself up from the couch and tore myself away from the Law & Order SVU marathon. I prepared myself for the dust bunnies and everything else that might come my way.

 I began by tossing a lot of stuff. I then swept the floor. I vacuumed the floor and then mopped the floor. I have never seen such dirty water before. I don't think the floor has been washed in 23 years or more. Once the floor was done drying I started the building process of my new bed. 

The directions told me it would take 2 people. Well, there was only me and no one to call. So I did it myself. They should rewrite those directions.

I even dragged out the power tools because the screw driver wasn't cutting it. Once everything was in place, I cleaned up some of the garbage from the packaging and positioned it in the right spot.

I cleaned the stairway and the hallway for the mattress guys. I ate some lunch and waited...and waited. They showed up at 530pm. Then informed me that I couldn't just put the mattress on the support beams. I would need something like plywood to support it. Determined to sleep on the bed that night I made Chancho take me to Home Depot for plywood. The first Home Depot we went to, their cutting station was broken so we had to go to another one. Then we stopped off at Bed Bath & Beyond for new sheets and comforter set.
I was finally satisfied that I could sleep there so Chancho took me to go see Inception, which I enjoyed! He bought candy, popcorn and soda. His way of making up to me that he's working all week. I keep telling him that he can't bribe me, but he knows the way to my heart is food.
Well last night we slept like babies in the new bed. There was even room for Foxy. I love it. I can't get out of it. This may be my downfall.

Quote of the Day: “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.” - Lee Iacocca
Listening to: "Billionaire" by Travis McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

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  1. Come on...fess up. How many cuss words did you say putting that together by yourself? I ALWAYS swear when trying to assemble something. It's inevitable.