Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 8th

2 years ago Chancho and I made it official. We weren't to see anyone else, we wanted to be exclusive. Taking it back even further, 8 years, we met in high school. Our close friend Zach was our mutual friend. Chancho was interested. He thought I was cute. I on the other hand had no interest. I don't even remember the first time we hung out together. That's how oblivious I was to him. But sooner rather than later he found his way into my life. He kept at it, showing up to gatherings more often, even driving 5 hours to be at my house for party I was throwing. There was a night he was so sick he should have been home in bed, but he insisted on going to play pool so that he could spend time with me. I had grown to have a big crush on him, but by that time it was too late. I lost my chance with him. He was graduating high school and joining the Air Force. A short time after that he was shipped off to Afghanistan. I was determined to keep in contact with him so we made a promise that we would. At  his going away party we exchanged watches. He took my watch and I took his. He promised that he would be back for his watch once his tour was over. He spent a year over there, that ultimately changed him. He came back and left the Air Force. He wanted out after seeing his best friend die in front of him. He finished up school at Alfred instead of Princeton where he started and that was the end of our contact. We never got to exchange our watches back.
Then, 2 years ago, he showed up on his motorcycle to a baby shower in Zach's backyard. I remember hearing the motorcycle's engine and me walking towards the driveway with this confused look wondering who this guy was driving a motorcycle. When he took off his helmet, those butterflies of a school girl came rushing back. We said hi, but separated for the majority of the night. I spotted him later in the evening sitting by himself by the fire so I walked over and plopped myself next to him. We started chatting about his job, that's when I found out he was a cop. I told him I was criminal justice major and then we started talking about the Yankees. He said that he always goes to games by himself because no one else is a big fan. Here I enter. I quickly jumped on it. We exchanged numbers so that if either one of us got tickets and needed someone to go with we'd have each other. He explained to me how he was coming out of a 4 year relationship and was happy to have friends to hang out with again. He said he was sorry for not being around and that he was ready to be a better friend.
The next day I got a text message from him asking me if I wanted to meet him for some ice cream. I agreed to meet him and we sat and talked for a good 3 hours outside of Carvel. I wound up getting a parking ticket because we were talking for so long. He was leaving for Peru the next day. Later I found out that I was the last person he talked to before he left and the first person he talked to when he got back. We quickly became close friends as I was dealing with a break up myself. We were each others shoulders to cry on. We took spontaneous trips to the zoo, drive in movies, aquariums, and even made it a goal to visit every playground in the surrounding areas. At this time he was working with 3 days of work and then 3 days off so it worked out well being able to spend that much time together. We got along so well.
Then Zach's barbecue happened and that night we got into a fight because Chancho saw me chatting it up with another guy. It was an innocent chat, but he was jealous. I explained that if wanted me that things would have to be official. So that's when it happened. I was leaving for school at the end of the month, but he said he would do the long distance for me. But first he would need to take me out on an official date. The day of the date he sent me a dozen roses at work. He picked me up at my house and drove me into the city. He was taking me on a dinner cruise around Manhattan. It was truly a perfect evening.

Here we are 2 years later. I've fallen deeply in love with him. Trying my best to understand and live the lifestyle of a cop and finding myself along the way. It's been the greatest thing. Even though it can get pretty bad, I wouldn't leave him.

Quote of the Day: "Finally I have found a place into which I fit perfectly, safely, and securely with no doubts, fears, sadness, or tears. This place is filled with happiness and laughter, yet it is spacious enough to allow me the freedom to move around, to live my life, and to be myself. This wonderful place, which I never believed really existed, I have found finally in your arms, in your heart, in your love."
Listening to: "Here In Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye


  1. That's a fantastic story and beginning as friends is truly the best way.

  2. Loved this story! And WOW, roses and a dinner cruise? Sounds like a recipe for the most romantic date ever!

  3. Isn't it funny where life takes us? What a great story, and I'm so glad you two are happy together. <3