Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crazy Crazy Crazy

As usual things have been so crazy this week for me. My cat was found in a neighbor's backyard and the police were called. He was taken by the police because they didn't know who he belonged to. I'm upset that he didn't get a proper burial like he deserves, but at least I have my closure. Time for me to move on. I have a little kitten lined up to be adopted. Chancho's coworker has 6 kittens that need to be adopted so he convinced me that I needed to take one. She is only a few weeks old and very adorable. I have a meeting, hopefully today, to get her and make sure she's the perfect fit for the family.
Chancho and I had a busy day yesterday as he packed and ran his errands before I had to take him to the airport. He's sadly in Peru now for the next 2 weeks. I have a feeling the 2 weeks will go by pretty quickly. It will also give me plenty of time to catch up with friends that I have been neglecting. We made it to the airport without hitting much traffic so we were able to sit in the car and listen to the Yankee game before he had to leave for the security check point. My phone has been so quiet since he's left. I don't have messages popping up whenever he's bored. I'm waiting for the odd number to pop up on the caller ID. We're going to try to Skype, but I have a feeling that the internet cafe isn't going to be able to handle that type of technology. We shall see.
After getting back from taking Chancho to the airport I headed out to meet up with my girls from church for her birthday. I was only planning on going out for a few, but as usual it turned into a great time and I stayed out a bit longer than I wanted, but it was well worth it to catch up with everyone.
Now I'm off to the opening day of Playland. Tony, my friend who's visiting from North Carolina, and I have always gone there. It's a small little amusement park that we've been going to since 8th grade. I'm excited to show him the new rides that they've installed and of course to ride our favorites.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and the weather is beautiful where ever you are because the sun is smiling away here!

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  1. Oh...I'm sorry about your cat. Hope your two weeks do go by quickly. I know what that's like.