Monday, May 17, 2010

Domestic Violence

I got a text message this afternoon from a coworker who asked if she could spend a few nights at my place because her home "is not safe" right now. She went on to say that she wouldn't be a burden and would sleep on a floor, she just needed a place other than a park to sleep. I quickly had tons of thoughts running through my mind and had to call her. We aren't that close, we chat here and there at work, but we don't see one another outside of work so I was pretty shocked to get a text of this nature from her. Turns out that her father has been abusing her and her mother. Last night was her last straw as she was thrown down a flight of stairs. She ran out of the house with the clothes on her back and that was it. She spent the night on a park bench. She was able to make it home while her family was at work today to get her cell phone and work clothes, but that was it.
When she answered the phone, she was in tears and I could tell she was very embarrassed. I told her that she was more than welcome to stay at my place, but I would have to explain to my parents what was happening. She agreed to it only because they didn't know her family. She's very worried about the cops  being called and her father losing his license, as he's a psychologist. I'm not really sure what her plans are for the future, I don't think she quite knows what her plans are, but I do know that she can't keep hopping around from house to house. She can't avoid this situation forever. I hope that there will be a way to convince her to get professional help. I may be stretching it with wishful thinking that she would report the abuse.
I also don't think I have the full story, not that any story could condone such behavior, but I think she's leaving out key parts. While I've been waiting for Buster to wake up from his nap I've researched a few women's shelters in our area so that she'll have some place to stay instead of going to friends homes from day to day. A lot of the places have counselors on hand, food, beds, and programs to help you figure out what your next step will be. I just hope she doesn't take it as me trying to get rid of her.
Tonight should be interesting, hopefully this turns out for the better.

Quote of the Day: "Moving on doesn't always mean its the end, it may also mean the best beginning."
Listening to: "I Will Be" by Wynonna Judd

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  1. Poor girl. Her father-a psychologist should know better! The abuse will continue if she doesn't report him, so maybe she should move out of her parents' house permanently (if she can afford it).
    The womens shelters are great - I volunteer for one here. They will take care of her well, but she needs a more long term plan as well.