Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It's been a while, as I've been busy with hosting my long time friend (Tony) who is visiting from North Carolina. He arrived on Sunday. We've known one another for 9 years now, 8 of them he's been living in North Carolina. He moved there shortly after we became good friends, but we've been able to maintain a great friendship. His mother's family still lives here in NY so he comes to visit about every 3 years. So here he is again, as he's making his last visit before heading into boot camp for the Air Force in August. Sunday night we spent the evening walking downtown showing him the new buildings that have been added since he left and just catching up. Yesterday, we were able to go to the Yankee game. His first game in the new stadium.

Chancho has been moping about because I've been spending time with another guy, but work hasn't helped. Both of our schedules hasn't allowed us to see one another. He also had to attend a family birthday party instead of going to the game last night. Then tonight, he is bringing his mother and grandmother to the airport. We're hoping tomorrow that we'll be able to see one another. Friday, he leaves for Peru for 2 weeks. :(

In between hosting Tony and working, my wonderful cat of 18 years has passed away. It started Saturday night when I came home from a night out with coworkers to find him laying barely breathing. I sat with him for a while and told him I loved him and that if it was time for him to go, that he should just let go, it was okay. Sunday he could barely move his back legs, then Monday morning he went outside and hasn't come back. He always comes back home after being out so we're figuring that he went outside to pass away on his own terms. I have the feeling like he's a missing kid, there isn't any closure. I keep thinking that maybe he'll be coming home at some point, but deep down inside I know that he's gone. He was a great cat. We rescued him from a shelter as a kitten during Christmas time and loved him into his old age of having to be hand fed, people food. I hope he's resting peacefully in kitty heaven.

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  1. So sorry about your cat:( We get so close to our pets^^ I can picture your cat in kitty heaven surrounded by fish:)