Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I May Throw Up

I know today is Tuesday and I usually do Tuesday Tips, but I'm so freakin nervous right now. I'm sorta shaking. In about 20 minutes I'll be having a phone interview with a company that I would love to work for. It's a part time job that would pay great and let you make your own hours. It would be perfect for me. I would still be able to work at The Container Store and still make better money. Which would ultimately get me to my moving out goal. I know I'm qualified for the job, very qualified and confident that I can do the job, but yet, I've been on so many interviews and have gotten turned down so often that I'm lacking confidence in the getting hired part. Just so incredibly nerve wracking right now. Yet, this seems to be doing the trick at keeping my stomach out of my throat.

Chancho, however, is counting down the days for his nervous beginning of grad school. He's decided to go back to school for Engineering thanks to the NYPD paying for his tuition. He'll start this August. He's going to be juggling the classes on his day off. I'm proud of him for continuing his education, looking into the future for when he retires and how this will help him out if he decides he wants to work more.

The phone has started ringing and the caller ID shows an unknown number......here goes nothin!

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