Friday, July 30, 2010

Little House, Big House

I'm going to ignore the fact that I haven't been posting and chat about the most exciting news in my life. As of last week, Chancho and I started looking at houses. To buy. Together. Yes, we're making that big step and are going to move in together. I still have the shocked look on my face. Last week, while he was doing an overnight, I was home, up late trying to stay up to keep him company as he was out on foot patrol by himself. That's never a good thing. My mind wonders, and my imagination grows as I'm searching through the vast world of the internet and that night, I stumbled upon a listing of foreclosed homes. I thought to myself that it couldn't hurt to take a peak. So, I did. That peak turned into a full on search of homes in our area. I found about 4 that sounded really good and I mentioned it to Chancho. I never in a million years thought that his response back to my text of "Wanna move into this house? It's selling for $289,000" would be: "Sure!". Completely thrown off by that, I took a minute, gathered myself and then asked again "Are you sure, sure? Or are you fooling with me?". Again, he responded with "I'm positive."
The following day we looked over a few homes, put out a Help Us cry to our friends who may have dealt with Foreclosed homes, seeing how we had no clue what was coming our way. (We didn't get a response back from anyone) I did a few drive-bys of the houses that we liked in town and from there we were able to eliminate a few of the houses. Since we're clueless about buying a home, we figured we should contact an Agent and that's where we're at now. We've told Wendy what we're interested in and she's off searching for us.
I still can't believe that this is something that is happening. I probably won't believe it until our names are signed and we're moving in, but it is at least a step in a direction that I've been waiting for, for a very long time. We've always said that we would need to live together before we got married. A mutual agreement to make sure that we could live together. And we also decided that we would want to buy a house, rather than renting because A.) we have to live in this area, we won't be moving due to his job and B.) we'd rather put our money towards something we own rather than putting it towards a place that we can't show for after all of those checks are written.
Now we just need to find the right place for the right price! Does anyone have any tips, suggestions or advice about buying a foreclosed/bank owned house??

Quote of the Day: “Life is all about timing...the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable...attainable. Have the patience, wait it out.” - Stacey Charter
Listening to: "Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson

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