Friday, July 30, 2010

Same Kind of Different as Me

I review for BookSneeze

I did not expect myself to like this book. In fact, I read a few pages and put it down. However, I found myself thinking about the characters a few weeks later, so I picked it up again. Ron Hall & Denver Moore shared their moving stories in Same Kind of Different As Me. It's a book about two men who find themselves needing each other more than they know. It provides you with life lessons from a modern-day slave and an international art dealer. I suggest you pick up a box of tissues, which I didn't think I would need, but found myself using half a box. There's so much inside of this book to inspire an army with faith, friendship, love and compassion. You'll be taken through both of their lives, experiencing hardships and ultimately finding life changing friendship. Pick the book up, you won't be upset that you did.

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