Monday, June 7, 2010

487 Miles One Way

All the way to Toronto, Canada, just to see the Yankees lose. How disappointing. It was a great trip, after the delay, everything went great. Here's my trip through photos, as you all know I love pictures!

The beginning of our trip...7:30pm

 Crossing the border into Canada at 2am. Oddly enough there were tons of people on the road once we crossed over. It seemed like it was only 9pm there with the amount of people driving around.
 Yep, we were in Toronto, the sign proves it.
 We stopped because we saw a cool bridge, turns out we started walking on the Trans Canada Trail. It's the longest trail in the world, which crosses through all of Canada.
 We then continued on into downtown Toronto. You can see the CN Tower.
 The Rogers Centre is where the Blue Jays play.
 And here it is!
 This is some French arch.
 The government building. We just happened to drive passed it.
 Chancho needed me to take a picture of this car. Their license plate was hanging by rope from the back windshield wiper.
 We chose to go to the Metro Toronto Zoo for our sight seeing adventure. This was my favorite picture from there.
 They had a shark petting tank. Too bad there weren't any sharks. They lied. They only had sting rays. We paid $3 to pet sting rays.
 Finally, game time. This was a statue that they had outside of the Rogers Centre. Thought it looked cool.
 Inside the stadium at 7pm. The first time inside of a dome for a baseball game.
During the 7th inning stretch they had the "fastest grounds cleaning crew" come racing out onto the field. It was pretty interesting to see.
 We drank. We drank a lot for $9.75 a cup.
 After the Yankees lost, we headed out and found this place that gave you half off your meal with a game ticket.
 Saturday morning we were supposed to head back. However, we ran into a hotel staff member who informed us that the Yankee game was at 1pm instead of 7pm like we had thought. Chancho automatically looked at me and said "We're going." So off we went to the second game of the series. This is the view of the Rogers Centre with the dome open during the day.
 As you can tell the CN Tower is right next to the stadium. We thought about going to it, but it was pretty expensive. Plus the game went into 14 innings, only for them to lose.
 6pm Saturday we crossed the border back into the USA.

It really was a good time. It was very very clean there. We didn't see any liter any where. I would not suggest getting a hot dog from a street vendor. They are nothing like the hot dogs from NYC. I almost barfed all over the side walk after my first bite. We got back in the wee morning hours of Sunday just in time to sleep a few hours before work. Now we're back into the grind of things for a few months before our next vacation.  That's all folks!


  1. Cool pics! Sorry the Yankees lost:(

  2. Ha ha! Welcome to my world! It could be could have the Pirates for your team.