Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tips

The Organized Traveler Sale is still going on at The Container Store. Which means that you must being going somewhere at some point, even if you're only going for an overnight, I have something that you may want to consider looking at. Today's tip is about our Microban® products. We have a few items that are made with plastic, which has Microban in it to prevent the growth of bacteria.
The first one is our toothbrush cover. 

You can see that it's small and compact enough to just cover the important part of the toothbrush. It has ventilation holes on the top to all the brush to dry out when not in use. It comes in clear, blue, green and purple. They are on sale for $1.49, originally, $1.99

The second item is the standing toothbrush holder. This one covers the entire toothbrush. It stands on the counter by itself and it is in two pieces. It may look like the bottom part folds down into itself, but it doesn't. This one also has ventilation holes to air out the toothbrush. The same four colors are available for these as well. They are on sale for $2.19, originally $2.99. I believe they are backordered, but you might be able to find them in the store and if you can't you can always order them and get the sale price now.

 The third item is the soap dish. It comes in the clear, blue, green and purple colors just like the toothbrush holders. If I can remember correctly it is two separate pieces, instead of it being hinged. The bottom has ridges to lift the soap up and away from the excess water to allow it to dry out. They are on sale for $2.19, originally $2.99.

The fourth item is the collapsible cup. I love it and own one. This also has all four colors. It collapses up into itself for storing and transporting and when you're ready to use it just pull it out and drink away. In the lid there is a pill capsule holder. It is on sale for $1.99, originally priced at $2.99.

 There are a few more items that are made out of Microban, but these are my favorite ones and the ones that find to be the most useful. We have these same items made out of regular plastic without the Microban and those can be found here. They are not on sale, but they really are cheap enough that you don't need a sale.

Hopefully this helps in your traveling :)

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