Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Yep, it's Tuesday again. I worked an overnight Sunday into Monday moving all of the Travel items back to their original homes and then setting up for the Happy Organized Home Sale which began yesterday. This sale goes on until Sept. 6th, which I feel is a really long time. There are a ton of things that I love that are on sale right now so I'm having trouble picking which to do first. This sale also goes along with the college kids. If you didn't know, I'm letting you in on a "secret" that The Container Store puts on a college night where the entire store is on sale. You can get whatever you want, but that night only. It's a really fun night where the store plays college age music, there are snacks and tons of people there to help you. Everyone that is employed is there to help out so that's about 60 employees. It's always a fun time. Anyways, my item today is the Countertop Organizer.

Why do I love this? There are 7 different holders for numerous items to fit into it. It's acrylic so it's easy to see everything. Plop it down onto your counter and you're set to go. You can put more than just make-up brushes, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, colored pencils, anything you can fit into it. The best feature is that the bottom pops out for easy cleaning. I hate that the bottom to all of my holders get gunky and are hard to clean, this just pops out and can rinse it off quickly. It's on sale for $8.99, originally $12.99. This one is found in the bath section. There are two other sizes, one that's larger, which is found in the kitchen section for holding spatulas, mixers, more larger items found in the kitchen. Then there is another medium sized one that can hold wider items, such as a hairdryer, curler, things like that. Those sizes aren't on sale right now.

Happy organizing!

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  1. you know, I have been looking for a container for my kids. like something pretty small that will hold one child's toothbrush, toothpaste, and maybe a couple of other items. It needs a handle. something easy for them to get into at bedtime. We don't have any counter space in our bathroom upstairs and I was thinking if I could organize their toiletries and put them in a cabinet it would make life much easier. Anyway, any ideas? I have not been able to find anything.