Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tips

The Love Your Luggage Travel Sale is still happening. So here's another sale item that I've fallen in love with. It is the Expandable Shopper Bag. It comes in two sizes, small and large. The awesome thing about this bag is that it expands and when I say expand, it really does! The small size goes from 11" to 14". That's 3 more inches that you didn't have before. The large size goes from 14" to 20", 6 extra inches! Holy moly! The way that it expands is easy. The middle section of the bag has a zipper and all you have to do is unzip it and re-zip it to close it back up. It has handles for easy carrying and it also has a padded shoulder strap if you need hands to carry something else. It's made out of nylon and there is an inside zippered pocket.
Here's why I love it. It's a great everyday bag. You can shove your things in there and then if you make a sudden stop to pick something up you have room for it. Or say that you start out your day early in the morning when it's cool out so you have a sweater on. Then by mid day the sun is blazing and you have to get rid of the sweater. Well your handy bag has that extra room for you to tuck it away. If you're traveling, you know you always come home with more than you left with. This bag can help with that souvenir baggage. The print on the bag isn't too bad either.
The price of the small one is $14.99, originally $19.99. The large one is priced at $21.99, originally $29.99. Right now both of them are backordered, but they can still be found in stores. If you buy them now, you can still get the sale price. I'd say the average backordered time is 3 months. However, it could be more or less time depending.
Happy Traveling!

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