Friday, June 18, 2010

FlashBack Fridays

This picture comes from maybe 1989. As students there was always the egg hatching part of the year in school. When those eggs hatched there were always the baby chicks left over that were shipped off somewhere, well my mother thought that maybe they could come live with us. So from the year that my sister had the first baby chicks, we've had chickens living at our house. This picture is the very common scene from when they were first brought to the house. We'd spread out the newspaper so that the poop wouldn't get on anything and then sit with our legs open so the chicks couldn't escape us. I think this picture is from my first chicken circle. I look a little scared and not sure as to what the fluffy white thing is. We still have chickens in our backyard and this well after the elementary years of having them in our classrooms. They seemed to have found a place in our life.

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