Wednesday, June 2, 2010

600 lbs lighter

I've got less than 24 hours before I'll be heading off towards Canada. We leave tomorrow after Chancho gets out of work. We all know that an exact time is near impossible to receive from him so we're just playing it by ear for when we leave. However, we would like to be on the road, the latest, by 3pm. I have a feeling that we'll be leaving more towards 4 or 5. That's just a hunch that I have. I'm really hoping to stop in Buffalo to see my old roommates, but I think it might be too short notice for us to get anything together in time. Another thing that we'll just have to wing. If everything goes as planned, or close to as possible I'll be in Canada by 11pm. Wooohooo! We'll spend the night in our hotel, then depending on how we're feeling, Friday we'll take the tour of the CN Tower and then go to the Yankee v. Blue Jay game at night. Saturday, I'm thinking we can go to the zoo before heading home. Or we can switch the days for the CN Tower and the zoo. I'd just like to do some sight-seeing before we come back. We both have work on Sunday so we have to be back by at least Saturday night. I'm pretty pumped for it.
In other news, I think our house lost about 600 lbs today. We donated a shit load of "treasures" to a local church for a tag sale. I really love that someone's shit is another man's treasure. It makes it a lot easier in getting rid of stuff that we don't use anymore. In all honesty I never thought I would see some of it go. It has been in this house for 35+ years. My mother is a closet hoarder. She can't let go of anything and has the excuse of  "I could need this in the future." Well by the time you'll need it it'll be so out dated that you'll have to buy a new one anyway! I understand her thinking, but I am the type of person that can't stand clutter and that's all that we have in this house. If it were organized, that would be another thing, but it's NOT! My mother used to sell Longaberger Baskets from home while we were still too young to go to school, so we have tons and tons of baskets around our house. We have an entire room and half an attic full of baskets. So if anyone would want to purchase a basket, please contact me! Then we have all of the stuff that just isn't used anymore because we've out grown it or it's from my parents childhood and they just haven't dumped it yet. It's a true disaster. Today though, we sent a SUV and a pick up truck worth of stuff over to the church and we have our front porch filled with stuff waiting for their truck to come pick up. I'm very proud of her for actually taking the time to go through it all and finally say good-bye.
This weekend is my sister and BIL's 1 year anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year already since they got married. How quickly time flies. They're spending the weekend in Atlantic City. Then the following weekend we'll be celebrating Father's Day since my parents will be on a cruise during the real Father's Day. We'll be having a BBQ at my parents house. It will be the first time we have all gotten together since Christmas. Definitely over due.

Quote of the Day: "You can't always control the circumstances in life, but you can control your attitude toward those circumstances." -Alexander Lockhart 
Listening to: "Carry Out" by Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake

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