Monday, February 1, 2010

Off Day

Apparently yesterday I had an off day at work. I wasn't exactly "feeling" the work place atmosphere, but I was still doing my job. I just wasn't as peppy as they would have liked me to be. My manager also found me doing jobs that I wasn't necessarily supposed to be doing at that moment. I didn't consider that to be a bad thing, I was still doing work beneficial to the store, but I guess it just wasn't what she wanted.
My supervisor spoke to me today asking me what was happening. I was thrown off guard. I didn't expect that conversation at all. So there I was stumbling over my words trying to explain myself. As it turns out, I just didn't have the correct attitude that they were expecting. Bare with me a moment while I vent this out.
I just don't see how they can lecture me about my attitude after one day of me not smiling every time they saw me. You would think that they would understand that people just wake up and find themselves in a funk. I'm not one to fake my feelings. If I don't feel like myself, there is nothing that will make me act differently, especially if I'm at work. It doesn't effect how well I do my job if I'm not smiling and jumping up and down. I agree that I  may not come across as approachable if I'm not standing there smiling, but there has to be some leeway. My personality doesn't change. I'm still a kind, patient person. What gets me the most is that I was still working and helping the store out, unlike a few other employees who just stand there and stare at the ceiling.
Okay I'm done. Today was hopefully better. They announced that an employee is now a full timer, which means that they get a key to the store. I was a bit shocked and bummed out by that because I've been aiming for a position of that nature since I have yet to find another job. This is just motivating me even more to find another job and quick. It's time for a change, especially if they aren't going to reward me for my hard work.

Listening to: "Before Tomorrow Comes" by Alter Bridge
Quote of the Day: "Do not be afraid to give up the good for the great." -Robert Hege

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  1. While I hate to hear anyone having hard times at work, it was a relief to know I am not the only one going through this right now. I have a corporate job I thoroughly despise. I worked all day yesterday, through the evening, and did a web launch all night until 3am. Came to work by 10am, got told there was something additional I needed to do and oh by the by, I have to be on another conference call tonight at 10:30 and yet another conference call tomorrow night at 10:30. Forget that I have two sons who have a school program tonight, forget that I have a husband I barely see as it is... UGH! I am much the same as you are in that I don't hide how I feel. I have been begging for a change in my career and just haven't made the leap yet. I hope you hang in there and that things get better! Thanks for sharing and for allowing me to rant on your comments page.. :)