Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unsatisfied Customer

At this moment in time, Verizon Wireless Sucks! FedEx came through all the wonderful snow today to deliver my most wanted package of a new phone. However, this "new" phone that Verizon sent to me is not so new after all. It doesn't work! I can see the screen just fine, but ask me to make a phone call or to receive one and FAIL. It won't connect. I spoke to 3 different people after I realized that it was searching for service for about 10 minutes and no one could help me. They saw that I was living in the area where "a great amount" of snow was falling and asked if this was true. My response was such: "Yeah, it's been snowing since midnight, but we only have 4". We have gotten snow here before and it's never been a problem." The lady continued to believe that it was the snows fault that the phone wasn't working and that she was going to wait 3 days to see if it would work. I refused that. How can they just wait 3 days to see if my phone will work again?? So I suggested that I just activate my broken phone and use that, it's better than not having a phone at all. As soon as she activated it, I was able to make a test phone call. Take that Verizon lady! It is Not the snow! She agrees now that it is most likely just the phone that they sent me and has requested that they send me another one, which should arrive on Friday. That will be a week without a working phone = An unsatisfied customer.
If I receive another broken phone, they will hear from me and it won't be all smiles and laughter from my end when they do.

Listening to: "In My Head" by Jason Derulo


  1. How does Verizon wireless deliver cell phones that are broken? That is really strange. I hope that when you do talk to the Verizon representatives, that you don't go yelling at them if it happens again. Or maybe you might consider switching phone companies.

  2. I am a Sprint customer. I hate to say it but I would never ever EVER switch to Verizon. Not only do I think they have plans that are completely unreasonable but they are the ONLY carrier...I repeat ONLY carrier...that has absolutely no signal inside my work. The second a Verizon customer walks inside my work, their call is dropped. I always love when I tell a client that their call won't go through and they continue to try anyway. They always end up looking at their phone saying, "Oh, you're right." It amuses me how they never believe me at first.

    Long rant short, I'm sorry that you couldn't get your phone activated. I need a new one myself but can't decide on what I want to buy.

    And please...let this freaking snow go away.

  3. I hear ya. My husband just got a new phone 2 mos ago. A few weeks ago he had to take it back b/c it just stopped working. They told him that they stopped making that phone b/c it was having so many problems and would mail him this other one in 2 days. A week later he finally gets it...and its the same one they just told him they have been having so many problems with!

  4. I really dislike Verizon. OH would rather die than go back to their service. Sorry they are being so awful.