Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Storm Warning

Just like the rest of the East Coast, I'll be preparing for this snow storm that is slowly approaching us. It seems like it'll be here by this evening. Work just checked in. We will be open tomorrow. Seems like I will either be sliding down the hill to work in a car or walking. Either way, I have to be there for work. I'm also prepared to have to stay later for those who don't make it in. Great opportunity for more hours! My prediction is that we won't get any more than 2 inches. They've been wrong these past two storms. Maybe the third times the charm, who knows.
Now for the not so good that this storm is causing. Chancho and I had plans to get together yesterday. A phone call changed that. Perfectly fine, just stayed in and ate dinner, insulted my father, and drank Bailey's with my mother instead. He had an arrest which made him stay all night. Earlier in the day the female called to say she wasn't coming in, but 4 hours later she changed her mind and came in. I bet she's regretting that decision now as she sits in a cell behind bars. Today we have plans to see one another, however Chancho is still aching from playing football and his lip is swollen 3 times the size, plus he thinks he's getting sick. I'd like to think this is his body telling him he needs to rest, but he likes to think that it's just what comes with winter. He is quickly dropping off a mattress with our friend Zach after work. Not too sure how that will go with 8-13 inches of snow moving our way, but cash is involved so I have a feeling they'll make it work. Will they make it work in time for him to see me later? Probably not, but I will hold out for this weekend. We will get to do something together, fun, entertaining, and if not, we'll at least see one another.

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Quote of the Day: "If it doesn't work out there will never be any doubt that the pleasure was worth all the pain." - Jimmy Buffet

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  1. The winter storm is really something isn't it. The closing of schools and only a few inches have fallen up to this point, but it is sure windy.