Saturday, April 10, 2010

Because the Angel on my Right Ain't Hanging out with me Tonight

Ohhhhh to have that alone time. I'm not even sure what that is anymore. It got erased from any possible chance once I woke up and saw it raining. Our bike trip has been canceled postponed to a further date to be determined. Instead of going out biking we found ourselves in Ihop. Chancho invited Zack along with us, scratching any and all some quality bonding time that we could have had. Brunch was delicious, as usual. From there we headed over to the post office for me to apply for my passport. (We have plans to go to Toronto for a Yankee game.) The last time I had a passport, I was tiny, like 8 years old. The picture was horrific. I have no idea how my mother let me walk out in public the way I looked. My hair looked knotted, frizzy and like one of those dolls that had been dragged through dirt. Needless to say, I got a MUCH better looking photo this time around. I asked to look at it before I walked away. Yes, I was that girl who needed to have a good photo. I should be able to travel to where ever I want in about 4-6 weeks! I'm hoping to catch up with a couple of old roommates and friends from college as we make our drive to Toronto. We'll be going right through Buffalo so it's a great meeting point for us all. Chancho then volunteered our time to hang out with friends to watch the Yankee game. Chancho also spent today with his family, as they went out to lunch together. I did encourage this, as the last time we left his house, his mother groaned and made a big fuss that he hasn't been home much. I also did agree to giving him up so he could have more time with his mother, so I can't complain about that.
What I can complain about is that there is apparently a gang, that is initiating new members today. Their goal today is to kill one police officer from every precinct. There is a high alert out for them. Which means, more security around the city. Of course, I wouldn't have a problem with this usually, seeing how today is supposed to be Chancho's day off, but because he's addicted to working he got a paid detail. He is working at the Javits Center for the New York International Auto Show. He'll be out there til 11pm tonight. However, he is inside with the Chrysler models, it can't be too bad of a job.  My fingers are crossed for him still though. They arrested about 30 gang members in Times Square the other day who were carrying guns, so they know they're active and out there just waiting to pounce when the time is right.

On a happier note, the Yankees are doing alright. CC gave up his first hit of the game in the bottom of the 8th. Almost a no hitter, so close, but yet so far. At least he'll get a win!

Listening to: "Animals" by Nickelback
Quote of the Day:  "Love withers with predictability, its very essence is surprise & amazement" - Buscaglia

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  1. ugh that sucks about the rain.Sunny days are coming :)
    those scumbags,unfortunately they are everywhere,I remember way back thinking only in LA it was bad!