Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday Tips

 *** Won't be here to post tomorrow so I'm doing it a day early***

This is the last Tuesday at the Container Store while the Spring Organization Sale is going on. So if you need anything shop now!
 Today's little gem is the Axis Overcabinet Grocery Bag Holder. Ever wondered what to do with those overflowing plastic bags? Here's a solution! Instead of having them take up the entire cabinet and attack you as you open the doors, shove them into this handy little holder. It holds up to 50 bags! It also has a hole in the middle so you can get at them whenever you need one. It rests nicely on the cabinet door and has padding to help keep it in place. The usual price is $14.99 and it's on sale for $9.99. Right now it's on backorder and that means we won't be able to know when it will arrive, but if you order it now you can still get the sale price and they'll let you know when it finally comes in. However, if you find it in the store, you're a lucky one! I know that they have been flying out of the store from day one.

If you aren't a fan of this style we do have a few other options as well, they just aren't on sale.
You can click HERE for the SimpleHuman stainless steel version. Or you can click HERE for the Hold-A-Bag version. SimpleHuman also has one that doesn't hang and you can click HERE for that one.

Start thinking about what you need for your traveling. That sale is next! Happy Organizing :)

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